Simon Parkes YouTube: His success story

Simon Parkes youtube

If you want to understand the mind of a very successful internet marketer, you need to pay attention to what Simon Parkes youtube is sharing on his YouTube channel. His stuff is almost always FREE. But it will change your life. It will provide you a financial advantage… regardless of your industry. It will help you win MORE customers, make MORE profits, have MORE fun, and be a MORE desirable person to associate with.

If you search how to make money on the internet through YouTube then there is one exception. He’s a guy named Simon Parkes youtube. And he has a very real chance of making it big on YouTube. Here’s why: He’s already made it big by running a profitable website for ten years. He’s got a loyal following. And he’s honest and hard-working. In short, he’s exactly the kind of person you want to help pull the wool over the eyes of the unwary.

Why does Simon Parkes youtube get so many subscribers?

People are subscribing to Simon Parkes videos youtube in droves. They do this for the same reason people buy his book: To become better copywriters. The best way to accomplish it is to watch his films repeatedly. His style is unorthodox. He often speaks without notes or preparation. This forces you to pay attention. It makes you work harder to understand what he is saying because you don’t want to miss anything.

People like his videos, and pay attention at the greatest rate. Simon Parkes youtube videos are very interesting and life-changing. It will enhance your business. The top-ranking videos are the ones with the most views. But there’s another column called “watch time”. That’s the amount of time (in minutes) people spent watching the video. People are still more willing to continue viewing additional videos on the same channel if they watch for longer. And the #1 reason people stop watching a video is that they got what they wanted from it and they do not use to waste their time on something else.

How many hours each day does he commit to video production?

Most people who are good at creating internet marketing profits work about 1 to 2 hours per day. Some of the world’s finest internet marketers work 10 to 14 hours a day! It’s all a matter of dedication. If you want to be the best, you have to pay the price. He works his butt off to put together great information-filled videos. And he makes it clear he is 100% accessible to his viewers.

He has 18 books about direct marketing that he has authored and published. What’s more, guess what? He publishes another book every month… on something else related to direct marketing! Not only that, but he’s also working on at least three additional works at the same time.All this from a man who only has 35 employees… and… Only earns $2,000 per month from his website profits.

What do people like about his videos?

But I have more to share with you. Simon Parkes has hundreds of millions of views on his YouTube channel. He has something that almost all other internet marketers don’t have. People actually enjoy watching him speak and teach. They call him “the real deal”. Here’s what his subscribers say: “He delivers. No hype. Just good, solid info.” “He’s got a way of making complicated ideas easy to understand.” “He has a gift for explaining things in a way that’s both simple and yet profound.” “His wit and dry sense of humor keep things light and interesting.” So, please visit Simon Parkes official YouTube channel to change your life as well.

Key facts about Simon Parkes YouTube 2016:

Here are some key facts about Simon Parkes YouTube 2016, such as:

When he claimed to have fathered an extraterrestrial child named Zara, the former lawmaker grabbed headlines.

Parkes’ grass-roots group, Connecting Consciousness, has thousands of supporters in over 100 countries.

He has a down-to-earth, non-pretentious style.

Simon Parkes also specializes in soul reading, mind healing, general counseling, and demonic possession removal. For all of these services, he charges a significant quantity of money.

Youtube Simon Parkes will be 60 years old in 2021. It’s indeed unconfirmed how tall he was and how much he weighs. He has a typical body.

Moreover, he makes the subject matter of his videos, interesting and entertaining.

He delivers it with a delightful, self-deprecating style.


Simon Parkes official youtube channel is a labor politician who served as a mayor in Whitby, North Yorkshire. He is a fervent believer in aliens, elementals, and UFOs, and is known for making outlandish claims about life beyond the universe. Here are more fans of him as u think. Simon is also the creator and initiator of Connecting Consciousness, a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing global concerns via physical and spiritual development, education, and governance.