Exfoliation 101: Using Face Scrub for Effective Skincare Routine


If you want to amp your skincare game, you need to get the ABCs right. A is skin cleansing, B is moisturization, and C is exfoliation. Exfoliation helps slough away dead skin cells using a face scrub. Exfoliation is as important as hydration and moisturization for your skin. We are thus mentioning the basics of exfoliation ahead and would also help you find the best face.

Over time dirt, dead skin cells, and grime may accumulate on your face and clog your skin pores. Scrubbing or exfoliation helps you unclog the skin pores and keep the irritants at bay, thus helping your skin stay glowing and radiant. We are here to help you with everything you need to know about facial scrubs and find out which one is the most effective for you. 

Benefits of skin exfoliation

Using a facial scrubber is extremely crucial in cultivating a good skincare routine. Here are the reasons to support it:

  • Your skin has millions of tiny pores that could get clogged with dead skin cells and dust from the surrounding. They can make your face’s natural sheen go dull. A good face scrub removes these dead skin cells, including grime and excess sebum on your facial skin.
  • Failure to get rid of clogged pores leads to ingrown hair and this can be quite a challenging issue in itself. The best way to treat this issue is to gently scrub your face and neck, elbows, and knees. Doing this process regularly will help you have better results. 
  • Exfoliation swells the roots of facial hair, which helps the razors work more efficiently. It thus also prevents pimples and ingrown hair. This cleansing process is also useful in giving your skin a youthful and refreshed look. Scrubbing once or twice a week can help fight the signs of aging, including wrinkles and fine lines. Don’t target to end your exfoliation process with a good night cream or day cream. 
  • Uneven skin tone can make your facial skin dull and shabby. So, back up on a good facial scrubber to even out skin tone as it helps in removing the dark patches and sunspots on the skin. 
  • Blackheads can be hard to remove on oily skin. It means that merely washing your face or using a cleanser will not be effective enough to drive the irritants away. We thus recommend using a safe and natural face scrub to reduce whiteheads and blackheads. 

How to use a face scrub?

Scrubs are specially formulated with ingredients that may irritate your skin if not used rightly. So, you must read the instructions carefully to reap the maximum benefits. Below listed is the way to use exfoliators for the highest benefits for your skin:

  1. Start by using lukewarm water. Hot water may strip away the skin’s pH and natural oils, and cold water may cause the pores to shrink further. So, it is best to rinse your face with lukewarm water only. 
  2. Plump out only a small amount of face scrub on your fingers and dab it on your face. 
  3. Lightly or gently massage your face in circular motions. Make sure to cover your T zone on your face as this portion has the highest amount of dead skin and pores. 
  4. Pat dry with a clean towel. 
  5. After drying, apply a natural moisturizer to make your skin moisturized. If exfoliation is a part of your PM routine, use a night cream to nourish your skin. 

Also, do not use scrubbers too often. Excessive use of scrubbers can dry out your skin and outweigh the damage. A general rule of thumb is to use facial scrubs only once or twice a week.

How should you pick a face scrub?

There are two ways to choose a facial scrub. The first is on the basis of the type of exfoliation required and on the skin type. We recommend choosing a scrub based on your skin type- oily, dry, or normal. 

  • Based on the type of exfoliation

Physical exfoliants: These involve solid particles to perform the scrubbing, such as walnuts, jojoba beads, sugar, and salt granules. 

Chemical exfoliants: Some chemicals like AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), Glycolic Acid, Citric Acids, and Salicylic Acid also work as facial scrubbers. 

  • Based on the type of the skin

It is always important to choose a scrub that suits your skin type. 

  • Dry Skin: If your skin is dry, you should use a hydrating and nourishing scrub that does not disturb the skin’s pH and remains gentle while still removing the dead skin cells. 
  • Sensitive skin or Acne-prone skin: You should look for a facial scrub with ingredients that help fight acne and do not irritate the skin simultaneously, like those with salicylic acid. 
  • Oily or Combination Skin: The general recommendation is to use a foaming scrub such as Coffee Face Scrub for oily skin.

Choosing the best facial scrub

Here is our take on the best scrubbers for different skin types by Mamaearth. It is Asia’s first MadeSafe-certified brand that caters to the needs of the people in a nature-inspired way. Let’s talk about its facial scrubber range:

  • For Dry Skin: Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash 

Dry skin needs to be exfoliated for dead skin cells and uneven skin tone. This gentle scrubber is loaded with turmeric, Walnut, Saffron, and Coconut Oil to nourish the skin while stripping dust and dead skin. It also works to brighten and lighten the skin tone. 

  • For Oily Skin: Mamaearth Charcoal Facial Scrub 

Use this scrub if you think your skin produces too much sebum throughout the day. Packed with ingredients like Walnut, Activated Charcoal, and Tea Tree, it gives your skin a refreshing look. It leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and squeaky clean. 

  • For Sensitive Skin: Vitamin C Facial Scrub

Vitamin C Face Scrub by Mamaearth is infused with Walnut Shell Powder, Turmeric Root Oil, Vitamin C, and Saffron are all you need for your sensitive skin. Vitamin is an excellent antioxidant that helps fight signs of aging and prevents acne as well. 

Summing Up!

The best skincare product for glowing skin is a face scrub. It helps remove the impurities like grime, excess oil deposition, pollutants, and dead skin cells from the skin. Once you have found your best take that suits your skin, it is time to begin your skincare journey now. Beauty is personal, and whatever works for you may not be true for others. So, start your personalized skincare journey today!





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