How To Plan a Carpet Installation?

Carpet Installation and Fixing

Most of the time, people don’t plan the carpet installation beforehand, which leaves them with a lot of challenges to overcome. They don’t believe that discussing the preparation for the carpet installation is crucial.

To get the most out of carpets, planning the carpet installation is one of the most important things that anyone can do. Planning is required to provide the process with a clear path, to make the installation process easy and quick, and to make the installation more fruitful.

If you are thinking of installing a carpet in your room and want to know how to plan the installation process, then you are at the right place. Today, I am going to discuss all the things that you have to do before the installation process and to make the room perfect for the installation of the carpet.

Things To Do To Prepare Your Room For Carpet Installation

Before placing the carpet in your room, you must complete the following tasks. So with no delay,  let’s begin our conversation.

1. Find a Perfect Installer

It is not good practice to call an installer at the last minute when you have to install the carpet. Please find a perfect and professional carpet installer for your home so he can provide you with the most reliable services.

Talk to your carpet installer and ask him what his requirements are and on which day he can comfortably install your carpet. Please don’t force him to do your installation on the same day because in a hurry he can mess up the installation process.

2. Move The Furniture From The Room

After talking to the installer and fixing the installation date with him, now move the furniture from the room. Move the furniture carefully from the room and try to place it in a safe place. Never put furniture in any outdoor area without proper shade.

If you are facing difficulty in moving the furniture alone, then you can hire some helpers for this process. Move everything from the room to make it properly clean for the new carpet installation.

3. Remove The Decoration Pieces Or Paintings From The Walls

Although carpet installation will definitely be done on floors, it is a precautionary step to remove the decorative pieces and paintings from the walls to keep them safe in any other place.

Sometimes, during the installation of the carpet, any worker may hit any of the paintings on the wall and damage them. That’s the reason it is necessary to take safety measures to prevent damage to your room.

4. Remove The Old Carpet And Underlay

After making your room empty of all the pieces of furniture and accessories, it’s now time to remove the old carpet first because you have to give a clean room to your installers if you don’t want to pay them for the removal of the old carpet and underlay from the floor.

For the removal of the old carpet, you must be careful because carelessness can tear the carpet into pieces. For the removal of the carpet, first, detach the carpet from the corners of the room by using a utility knife.

Then grab the carpet from one corner and pull it. If it is not working for you, then use a utility knife to cut a small corner of the carpet and then pull the carpet. It will definitely work. After removing the carpet, if you have underlay, also remove it by following the same steps.

5. Remove The Baseboards From The Walls

After expunging the carpet and its underlay, it’s now time to remove the baseboards from the walls. Although the removal of baseboards is unnecessary, it is essential when you have baseboards that are not made from high-quality material.

Remove the baseboard by using a utility knife. Determine where you want to begin, then use a utility knife to cut the gap between the molding and the walls. Use the pry bar on the baseboard and separate it with the utility knife from the wall to remove the baseboards, making sure not to damage the walls.


Planning the carpet installation is very necessary because if you don’t prepare the room for the installation process, it will slow the process and you will have to face many difficulties. Removing the furniture, paintings, old carpet, and underlay are some of the very important steps that must be performed before calling an installer. We hope that after reading this article, you can easily plan a carpet installation process.


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