How to properly protect the roof of your house


Buildings and all the elements of their structure also require regular maintenance, with roof maintenance being an essential part of it.

When we think of buildings, commercial roofing in Pittsburgh we don’t always realize the importance of roof maintenance. But, the same does not happen with the interior of our homes or with our vehicles.

Our roof is constantly exposed to external factors: precipitation, wind, high and low temperatures… and this can seriously damage it. For this reason, at Jantzi we want to give you some tips to help you maintain it correctly.

How do achieve a well-protected and cared-for roof?

At Jantzi Roof Restoration we recommend the following care for your roof, Jantzi roofing is one of the leading companies for commercial roofing in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Waterproof it:

With this action, you will be taking care of and preventing many problems such as leaks, leaks, the appearance of fungi, and unnecessary energy expenditure due to the constant entry of cold…

You can use various types of waterproofing, such as asphalt or acrylic. At Jantzi Roof Restoration we recommend that you always turn to a professional to recommend the best option for the needs of your roof.

 Install a quality drainage system:

This will help you avoid accumulations of water on your roof that can cause damage and deterioration in it. Normally PVC gutters or other similar materials are used to perform this function.

Carry out a general cleaning on a regular basis:

The roofs are usually an area where many leaves, moss, and branches… accumulate, weakening the state of the tiles and the roof. Therefore, it is good that it is cleaned on a regular basis, making sure to leave it in good condition.

At Jantzi we offer you a roof cleaning service with which you can forget about having to go upstairs to do it yourself.  If you’re in Pittsburgh & looking for metal roof contractors in Pittsburgh pa then Jantzi Roof restoration is your best choice.

Check the shingles:

When cleaning the roof it is very convenient to check the condition of the tiles, since it is very common for them to be damaged over time and repairing them is key.

For this reason, at Jantzi Roof Restoration we have a roof rehabilitation service with which you can fix it quickly and efficiently, avoiding the appearance of all these problems.

Keeping your roof in good condition is not difficult vertical how. At Jantzi we bring you a team of professionals who will help you detect any possible problem by carrying out all the necessary measures

Tips to deal with the wind in winter

During the winter season, we usually have cloudier days and sometimes windy days, reaching 100 km/hour. This can cause damage to the outdoor spaces of our homes, especially it can affect more serious areas such as the structures of buildings or houses.

Many times due to these situations materials can be lost in homes that are of great importance. It can also affect the plants that we have on the terraces or balconies and leave them totally destroyed.

For this reason, in this article, we want to offer you the best tips for deals leave the wind in winter and avoiding damage to our facilities in the exterior areas of homes.

If you’re in Pittsburgh & looking for commercial roofing repair in Pittsburgh – Give us a call now.

Protect external areas with greater caution

The external areas of the houses that are affected by this type of situation are not only the decorative materials, but you must also take into account the leaks of water, thus sealing all the door and window frames with some specific self-adhesive for this type from the problem. It is essential to take into account the gutters and check that they are not obstructed and that they correctly allow the flow of water through them.

Protect the windows of your home

Windows and awnings are another type of equipment on terraces or balconies that suffer during this type of situation and can be completely destroyed. To protect all your material, it is important that you lower the blinds completely, thus avoiding the impact of any other material or tool that you have in the outside area that could break the glass.

The awnings are very dangerous during a windy day, therefore, it is necessary to keep them fully retracted to prevent the wind from ripping them off or breaking them completely. If an awning has been left open on a rainy day, you can pick it up normally, but it is essential that you open it again when you can so that the fabric dries, avoiding stains on the awning.

Backup of all elements of external zones

Pots and plants are one of the most used elements on balconies or terraces, but when a storm or a rainy day appears, they can become our worst enemy. In these situations, it is best to place several stones on the pot or directly insert them inside to avoid breaking them.

If you have a terrace with cabinets that can end up broken or even blown away on a windy day, it is essential that you place weight on top of the furniture and in front of the doors, to keep the element stable.

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