Understanding How Corporate Housing Options Work

Corporate Housing

Looking for corporate housing can be extremely difficult, and understanding all of the details involved isn’t much easier. You have to find the right type of house, the right location, the right amenities, and more in order to have suitable housing. 


Some furnishing companies that partner with corporate housing provide different amenities like computers, internet, and other electronic devices. On the other hand, some companies are only going to provide the necessities. This would be a kitchen, accessible laundry, and a full housing space.


Because there are so many options for corporate housing, it is important to understand how each of these elements work, and what they mean for a business and an employee.


What is Corporate Housing?


It’s important to begin with understanding what corporate housing is. Essentially,corporate housing is housing that is provided for individuals that are traveling for business. Corporate housing can be much cheaper than renting a hotel room which is one reason why this type of housing is popular.


Corporate housing has also been called short-term housing which has risen in popularity in the past few years. Now this type of short-term housing extends to students, people on vacations, and more with the availability of websites like Airbnb.


Short term housing is going to have all of the amenities necessary for an extended stay. The general assumption is that someone will stay at that particular home for more than 30 days. Some locations have more amenities than others, but that will be discussed in the amenity section of this blog.


What Kinds of Corporate Housing are There?


There are many ways to acquire corporate housing. There are the options of renting locations. Purchasing apartment complexes, and Airbnbs.  There is also the option of finding and furnishing company homes. 


The easiest route is to go through a housing company that is used to dealing with corporate needs.


Different companies will have different requirements. However all of these requirements are outlined in a lease. It is required that you sign a lease when moving into a new location. The best part about corporate housing and/or short-term housing, is the flexibility of the lease.


Short-term leases could vary anywhere from a few weeks, two several months. If something happens to change in the business contract, or an employee needs to return home early. Or any other situation, the least can be ended without consequence. It is important to review the lease to ensure that all items are returned to their proper state. Otherwise consequences may occur due to negligence


What Amenities are Included?


If you quickly search any type of corporate housing company. You’ll be hit with several different websites boasting the most amenities. There are a few different categories for amenities that you want to pay attention to: how big is the apartment or house, is there a full kitchen, do your employees have access to good Internet, and what extra amenities can be included in the furnishing package.


For the first category, most corporate housing will have apartments that are fairly well sized. There are some furnishing companies that deal more with houses than they do apartments. These companies are going to be more expensive due to the size of the home. 


For the second category, the full kitchen, you want to make sure that your employees have access to a full kitchen that includes a stove top and a refrigerator as well as a microwave.  The idea is to help both the business and the employee save money. It is easier to save money when purchasing groceries and cooking food at home. Plus this will also ensure that your employees are eating well.


Ideas of productivity

Next, the idea of productivity is extremely important when thinking of amenities. You want your employees to have access to high speed Internet, they may need access to printers and fax machines, and employees may also need to have access to additional monitors or computers. This all depends upon what each individual employee needs.


The last part to consider is the number of amenities that you can choose to include. Some of these amenities are house cleaning, laundry services, food packages, and more. Some apartment complexes that are for corporate housing also include pools, access to a community gym, as well as work rooms. 


This is all something that has to be looked at before signing your lease.




Short-term or corporate housing can be very overwhelming.  The amount of research, hunting, calling, and finding can exhaust even the savviest computer whiz.  Individual housing companies work best if you are on a tight timeline, however finding and furnishing a house for company purposes is als a great way to save money. 


While this isn’t the ins and outs of short-term housing, hopefully these three key options have helped develop your understanding!

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