Battle of Hair Extensions Australia: Synthetic vs Human Hair 

Hair extensions in Australia

The reason Australian women opt for hair extensions is plenty – trying a new hairstyle before committing, protecting natural hair, managing hair conditions, and avoiding heat damage. No matter which reason you can relate to, you’re likely to arrive at a crossroads regarding the type of extensions. 

Hair extensions in Australia are of two kinds – synthetic and real human hair. While it is entirely your decision which one you choose, it’s best to know both sides of the story before you commit. This guide will help you make an informed choice. 

Synthetic vs Real Human Hair: What is What?

Starting with the former, synthetic hair extensions, as their name suggests, are clip-in extensions prepared using synthetic materials. These materials are usually polyester or acrylic. Since the fibres are hand-made, synthetic hair extensions’ texture and feel are an imitation of natural hair. 

Human hair extensions in Australia are just as they sound – made out of real human hair. They are usually collected from donors, and the hair cuticles are kept intact to retain the natural softness and texture. 

Both kinds are mainly used to add a more voluminous, rich look to one’s hair. 

Which Ones are Better?

Naturally, the next question is if there is a better option between the two. To begin with, this study found that the hairdressing services market in Australia is worth a whopping $9 billion! 

This is undoubtedly for a good reason. One of the primary and perhaps only advantages of synthetic hair extensions over human hair extensions is that they are less expensive. However, this is also why they have a short shelf life, approximately three months. 

However, human hair extensions offer several benefits that justify the price, such as –

They are Long-Lasting 

Compared to 60-90 days of synthetic hair extensions, human hair extensions can last anywhere between 24 months and 36 months. 

So, if you enjoy using hair extensions or plan on making them regular, synthetic hair extensions will cost you more in the long run. Human hair extensions are durable, and you can extend their life a little more by taking good care of them. 

They Blend Easily 

Hair extensions are mainly used to add volume, depth, length, etc., to your existing hair. For this to happen successfully, they must blend well. Unfortunately, this is also one of the greatest struggles regarding synthetic hair extensions. 

The colour and texture often look out of place, giving a shabby look. Authentic human hair (being natural) easily blends in with the rest of your hair. This process can be further perfected by styling techniques like hair curling, which makes the extensions undetectable. 

They are Highly Versatile 

Suppose you wish to use hair extensions to weave a particular style or use colour treatments, etc. In that case, human hair extensions are the best since they behave well with styling or colouring. 

Being unnatural, synthetic hair extensions may not take such procedures well and look completely misaligned compared to your real hair. 

Now that this guide has explained the differences between synthetic and human hair extensions, you should be able to make an informed choice. In this case, there does seem to be a clear winner – human hair extensions in Australia

After all, the real thing is always better than something fake or synthetic. But, ensure you choose a reliable hair extensions supplier that offers a wide range of colours, textures, and lengths. Happy hairstyling!