The Top 3 Free Screen Recorders

More than one software offering different capabilities has crowded the market for PC screen recorders. Each piece of software has advantages and disadvantages. Some screen recorders offer a good experience but are rather expensive. The top three free screen recorders for this year, including both truly free and paid ones, will be discussed in this post.


Top 1 – iTop Screen Recorder [Free]


iTop Screen Recorder is a screen recorder that is both free and incredibly simple to use. With this software, any screen area can be captured. By your recording preferences, it enables full-display recording of only certain windows or only certain custom locations. Users can use the recently custom-designed area by their needs, or they can document areas in a predetermined ratio, such as 16:9 or 4:3.


Capture audio


A few audio recording choices are assisted by iTop recording software. You can use the microphone to capture internal and external sounds at will. Additionally, it is possible to record both voice and screen simultaneously. You can easily report the precise musical passage in your movies. Furthermore, because iTop has amazing quality and fantastic audio recording, you could use it if you needed to cut a specific section of a clip from a length movie-like movie.


HD Recording with No-Buffer

As previously said, the market for PC software recordings is incredibly saturated. All software programs offer more than one option, but they all share a major problem: the recordings lag and buffer, especially on low-end PCs. For instance, if a low-end PC user is using the most professional and needs to submit an instructive, the PC is already overworked from using the high-picture software, and switching the recording at the same time will increase the processor’s workload. 


As a result, it will warm up, degrading recording HD movies, but they will have significant latency issues.iTop only uses 8% of the CPU on average. It allows for incredibly simple video screen captures and doesn’t experience lag when recording 4K films on slow PCs.


Different Output Formats

The output video and audio formats supported by the iTop display recorder include MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3, and others. Traditional reporting tools occasionally aren’t perfectly compatible with common gamers and playback devices for clear playbacks. However, iTop creates recordings that are perfectly compatible with your PC.


Capture face-cam and webcam footage.

Even if a user is filming video games, making presentations, or attending meetings, iTop enables users to report their face cam and webcam activity. With it, you will know how to record Zoom meeting without permission. The user no longer needs to worry about taking separate face-camera videos because they can now be combined in post-production, which takes time but can be done instantaneously.


  • Extraordinary Qualities
  • Users can add annotations to recordings of their meetings, management tasks, online training sessions, and online conferences to offer more detail.
  • Trim/Split/Merge Post-Recording: Without the use of an external software package, users can trim, split up, and merge recordings after they have been recorded.
  • Users now have the option to simply click the built-in alternative to minimize the history noises of their recordings.


Top 2 – OBS

One of the most expert recorders for advanced users on macOS, Linux, and Windows is OBS. Despite being professional recorders, beginners may be disappointed that this instrument no longer offers an accessible format and ready-to-use recording options. To set the recording setting for each recording, the person must independently determine all the configurations, including shooting the arena, body charges, audio input, and other alternatives. As a result, the mastering guide is quite lengthy and challenging for first-time users to understand.


Important characteristics:


  • Up to 4K resolution
  • FPS of 60
  • Up to 56 Mbps bit rate


Top 3 – Apwersoft Screen Recorder

The A power soft screen recorder is similar to other free screen recorders available. It resembles the iTop display recorder in many ways, which is user-friendly, free, allows for configurable area selection, toggles speaker, mic, and camera, and allows exporting recordings in a variety of formats. However, it also has drawbacks.




  • fails on a Mac.
  • It won’t freeze on a few monitors.


In conclusion, iTop Screen Recorder is the superior program to be considered if the individual wants to report information promptly and to the highest standard. Now get this amazing screen recorder for PC.

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