Famous Brands that Daniel Craig Wears as James Bond

James Bond‘s sartorial choices are just as important to his persona as his tech gizmos, Martini (shaken, not stirred). And the fact that he’s in a state of perpetual peril. The convention of the MI6 agent has been carried forward by Daniel Craig in his role as James Bond. Which has resulted in classic fashion statements being made and the addition of elegant styles to the Econs of outfit poise.

The diehard fans of James Bond 007 applaud him for having the ability to look his absolute best at all times. He always dresses relevantly to all occasions, whether it be to kill, make an impression, or both. Craig’s body and posture make him military-esque among all the Bond actors. All Bonds wear the best suits, stylish watches, elegant shirts, shoes, and beachwear. This is despite the fact that his body makes him reminiscent of a soldier. In this piece of writing, we will see the most recognizable brands that Daniel Craig has worn. In his role as James Bond and his famous Sky fall leather jacket.


Tom Ford

Four films of the Bond series in a row have featured the iconic American fashion designer. Tom Ford, dressing up Daniel Craig in amazing suits while he plays the role of James Bond. However, he isn’t the first one to have been linked with James Bond. The Italian fashion house, Bring, has also provided the suits that Pierce Brosnan put on in the role of James Bond.

Anthony Sinclair, the British fashion icon, dressed Sean Connery at the beginning with the moves Dr. No. He is also considered to be the first one to work on the role of James Bond.
Ford, on the other hand, has contributed to the establishment of the iconic persona of Daniel Craig as a fashion statement.


James Bond is able to make a smooth transition from being someone who is attending an official meeting with Malory to an undercover agent. And who is fending off a rival of Her Majesty’s government thanks to the customized Tom Ford suits and his iconic Sky fall leather jacket.


We can’t forget the ivory Tom Ford tuxedo that Daniel Craig put on when he was on the Oriental Desert Express in the movie Specters. On the other hand, one of the most well-known additions that Tom Ford made to his style was the slim-cut O’Connor suits with two buttons that he wore in No Time to Die.

Daniel Craig wore a Tom Ford black wool Atticus shawl collar for the Bond movie, in which Tom Ford collaborated with Stuttgart Anne Larger, a well-known costume designer. This jacket was featured in the movie Specters.

In Sky fall and Specters, Tom Ford has accessorized the James Bond look with a variety of items, including jackets, cardigans, and sunglasses, in addition to traditional suits.


Turnbull & Assert

Turnbull & Asset is well-known for its shirts and ties. For many years, the company has been responsible for designing some James Bond. In the film “Dr. No,” Sean Connery is seen donning the renowned blue cotton cocktail cuffed shirt that was made by the same brand, and it was purchased from their flagship store located on Jeremy Street. Since that time, the brand has continued to play a significant role in the James Bond franchise.

In past years, this brand has outfitted Pierce Brosnan’s portrayal of James Bond with classic ties. With the assistance of Lindy Hemming, a famous costume designer. They have prepared Bosnian for certain moments in the Bond movies.
The dressmaker’s most recent collaboration was with Daniel Craig in his role as Bond in the film Casino Royale. It was also Craig’s first film in the role of Bond. Because of this, Daniel Craig was seen in the final Bond outfit designed by Turnbull & Asset. Which consisted of a white shirt and a bow tie.

The fans of James Bond have given this brand an indelible place in their hearts. In spite of the fact that the company is no longer associated with the franchise. It features a collection that is entirely devoted to Bond. From which enthusiasts of cutting-edge fashion who are motivated by the spy can choose.

Massimo Alba

Do you remember that enthralling scene from the trailers of No Time to Die. Where James attempts to put a bunch of killers off his back in the city of Mater in Italy?.
It is only in this location that we will have the opportunity to view the timeless Aston Martin D B 5. Bond also draws our attention to his suit. Which is corduroy in a beige Colorado and was designed by an Italian designer named Massimo Alba.

Bond dons what is known as a Sloop suit throughout the scenes in Mater. And it includes the one in which Bond rushes out with Madeleine Swan. This scene is included in the Maters sequence.
The suit Bond donned had three pockets, each of which had a flap covering it. He wears the corduroy trousers and braces made by Albert Thurston, despite the fact that the pants have belt hoops.


During the scenes that take place in Norway but were shot in Scotland, he is also seen wearing a corduroy Rain duster jacket designed by Massimo Alba.

As for my favourite, the Sky fall leather jacket tops the list. Do let us know what Bond garment you like most.

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