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There might be two reasons your battery is acting strange. One might be an issue with the software or a problem with the hardware. Resolving software issues is not complex and is most likely to get solved immediately; we’ll go through some of the software issues for battery draining, and then we’ll move toward hardware. If the battery was fine and you have updated to the new version of iOS, and now the battery is draining fast, you have to wait for the next iOS version to fix this problem. When any update comes, it is recommended by UniverCell Canada to check online and see the reviews of people who have downloaded the latest iOS version. You don’t want to download an update with bugs, or you might throw your phone at the wall. It might be possible that your iPhone battery is draining because of an app you have recently downloaded that is incompatible with your iPhone, your charging routine is not well, or your battery health is not up to the mark. Let’s go through some ways that can help reduce the iPhone battery drain with a cell phone repair shop in Ontario

Methods to decrease iPhone battery drain

  • Disable Background App Refresh

The apps you download keep working in the background and retrieve new data. You must check which app is acting all stang by disabling the background app refresh. You can do this by going to settings, background app refresh, and disabling all the apps you want to stop them from draining your iPhone battery. Don’t worry because disabling the app’s refresh will not prevent the apps from sending you notifications. 

  • Don’t use non-MFi chargers and cables.

One important thing to remember is that if you are an iPhone user, always use genuine chargers and cables manufactured by Apple. Using non-MFi chargers and cables can affect your battery life. You must use a charger made by the same company as your phone. The same is the case with android smartphones. 

  • Change Location Services

When you download any app, you might have noticed that they ask you to allow them to track your location. You can set all your apps to track you “while using the apps.” Go to settings, privacy, and select location services. You’ll see the apps tracking your location. Open the apps one by one and change the permission for each app. Mobile phone repair shop says there is another option of ‘precise location” in the location services option. You can toggle it off if you don’t want the apps to know your exact location, which is too creepy. 

  • Update all the apps.

When you download the apps, make sure you update them whenever any update comes. The old versions of apps become incompatible with your device after some time, draining your battery quickly. Don’t set your app to “auto-refresh” because this option will drain your battery. Update the apps one by one and keep them in their latest versions. Some individuals also habitually download too many apps on their phones. These apps not only occupy your storage but also drain your iPhone’s battery. Therefore, if you have any app that is unused and unwanted, immediately delete it and prevent it from eating your battery.

  • Dim Your iPhone Screen

One of the biggest reasons behind your battery lifedraining is brightness. When your iPhone is too bright, it will drain your battery quickly. It is recommended by cell phone repair in Ontario, Canada to keep your brightness low. You can set it to auto-brightness so that it automatically adjusts itself in a different light. Go to the control center by swiping down from the top and adjust the brightness to a point where you can see the screen; it must not be uncomfortable for your eyes.

  • Put your iPhone Facedown.

When you place your iPhone facedown, it has two advantages. One is you won’t have to constantly look at the notifications and lift the phone to interact with people while you are working. Another advantage is that it won’t light up whenever it receives a notification, saving a large chunk of battery. 

  • Switch to Dark Mode

If you are using the latest models of iPhone, you must be aware of the dark phone. It is a mode where your screen becomes darker, and the text on it is white. Dark mode saves your battery. Go to settings and select the display and brightness option. You’ll see the option of dark mode. Switch to it by tapping. 

  • Use Safari

It must be new, but Safari saves the iPhone battery. Chrome sucks the battery out of your phone in a few minutes. Therefore, it is recommended by the cell phone repair shop in Ontario to use only the apps that are compatible with your Apple device. Remember, the Apple apps run better on your iPhone than the third-party ones. 


If you have tried every fix on your phone but still facing a battery drain issue, it is time for a battery replacement. Get your smartphone battery replacement done by professionals. They have years of experience and excellent expertise for the job. You can also contact them online through email, text, or call. 

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