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A simple fabric can look beautiful and elegant with several designs, colors, patterns, and hues. There are many techniques you can use to design your clothes. It has become a significant part of the fashion industry. Without any patterns and designs, your outfit will look plain and boring. You can make your fabric elegant by implementing different printing, tie-dye, and embroidery techniques from Sunchasers, a tie-dye clothing shop. In this blog, you’ll get to learn about various tie-dye techniques. Fabric painting is one of the most fun things to do. You can also try this at home after learning some simple steps. Let’s analyze these techniques individually and see what magic lies in them. 

  1. Crumple Tie-Dye Technique

If you are a beginner learning about tie-dye, this technique is the best for you. You must have seen crumple tie-dye designs on different fabrics. You can try this method at home. Choose the t-shirt or any fabric you want to dye at home. Lay the fabric on a flat surface. You can use your fingers or any round thing and begin scrunching the material. Do it until the fabric gets crumpled and mound. Now with the help of the rubber bands, you can secure the crumples. Choose the color you want and dye the material. Now flip the material and do the same trick on its other side. Let it dry and open its rubber bands. After opening it, let it dry under the sun. Your tie-dye print will be ready to use. 

  1. Ice tie-dye technique

Tie-dye clothing online shop tells you that you don’t have to mix the dye if you want to get the cool ice look on your material. You can use the ice to get the cool watercolors effects. All you need to do is wash the fabric and leave it damp. Scrunch the material and secure it with the help of rubber bands. You must place the material on a wire rack and cover it with many ice cubes. Select the dyes you want on your shirt and apply them on top of the ice. You can use more than two colors depending on your likeness. When the ice melts, keep the piece of cloth in a plastic bag that is sealable and leave the bag for 10 hours. Take out the fabric from the bag once all the dye is absorbed, cut the rubber band, and wash the cloth carefully with cold water. Dry it, and you are ready to use it. 

  1. Fire Cracker Technique

The firecracker technique is one of the most popular designs advised by unisex tie dye shops. To get this design, damp the shirt in the water, scrunch it into a tube shape, and tie it with a rubber band down from the top. Dop the same trick with the bottom third of the t-shirt. Add your desired dye on both ends of a shirt. Let the material dry and wash it with clean water. Let it dry again, and you’ll be ready to wear your beautiful customized design. 

  1. Horizontal Stripe Technique

One of the most popular and loved tie-dye trends is horizontal stripes. To create a horizontal stripe design on a t-shirt, you’ll need a few elements, such as wire racks, sealable bags, and elastic bands. Lay the t-shirt on the floor. Begin to fold the t-shirt at 1 Inch accordion folds. Keep folding the shirt horizontally like you used to make the folds of a fan during your childhood. Secure these folds with the help of elastic bands. Ensure that your folds are no more than one or two inches. Tie Dye clothing shop suggests using different dyes for every fold to make it look colorful. You can also use one single color. The choice is yours. Leave the material to dry completely. Before applying the dye, ensure that the cloth is damped and wet. A damped cloth can absorb the colors pretty well. Lets the t-shirt dry for some time. When it dries and completely absorbs the color, you can wash it with clean water and let it dry again. It will be ready to use. 

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  1. Square Box Fold Tie-Dye Technique

The square box fold tie-dye technique is another famous technique tie-dye shops use to give you a casual and attractive look. For this technique, you’ll need a white t-shirt, wire racks, elastic bands, sealable zip bags, and dyes. Wet your t-Shirt in water and squeeze it until the material is damp. Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface and start folding it lengthwise from the left side of the shirt in an accordion fold. Ensure that the folds are 3 to 4 inches. Press each fold, so creases are visibly created on the t-shirt. Do the same and fold the t-shirt widthwise now to generate the square box. Press and make the wrinkles visible. To make the square boxes dye, you can cut the cardboard of the same square size and sandwich the t-shirt in it. After some time, when the dye is fully absorbed, let the shirt dry. Wash it with clean water. Dry it again, and your shirt will be ready to use. 

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