How to make a Reservation at a Strip Club?

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For many years in America, the strip club has been the go-to place for every bachelor party, every sort of guys-night-out (or girl’s night out!), and many other occasions. However, only a few people know that making a reservation at a strip club gives you a far better experience than just walking in off the street. So when you make a reservation with the right club, you get the VIP treatment from start to finish, and you end up with an overall better experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime. So here’s how you can make a reservation at a strip club.

Have a Reason to Reserve

First up, make sure you have a reason to reserve your time at a club. Just wanting to see some gorgeous Las Vegas strippers might make for a fantastic night, but that’s not really a reason to book a particular occasion type of event. Maybe it’s your birthday or one of your friend’s birthdays, or it could be a bachelor party or some other type of celebration. The idea here is that you want this to be a special occasion because you’re going to get the special treatment as a VIP when you make a strip club reservation. You probably don’t want to put in this type of money and effort because it’s Wednesday, and you’re bored. So unless you have that sort of money, then any night can be a special occasion for sure.

Pick the Right Strip Club

You also want to make sure you’re selecting the right strip club. Even in the famous city of Las Vegas, not all strip clubs are created the same. You can find some off-strip sorts of clubs that look like something Reno decided to throw back. The point is that you want to find a quality club that does have a VIP section reserved for you and that will treat you like a VIP. This means providing the transportation for you and allowing you to go right in instead of having to wait around and getting some comps for you and your guests. If you need to select the right club, you will get none of these advantages and might as well not even reserve.

Think About the Time of Your Reservation

After you’ve selected the right club for your reservation, think about when you want to reserve your time. A Fright night at 10 isn’t always the best just because it leads into the weekend. You may not have a great time at the club if it’s too packed and too rowdy. Even though you’ll be in the VIP reserved section, that doesn’t make it an entirely new club. You’ll still be sharing the club with everyone else who walked in. So, you probably want to consider booking a time when you and your party enjoy the club without being packed in there like sardines. It helps to speak with the club about these things when booking, and they can suggest a time when you can really enjoy your experience.

Go For a Total Package

There are all sorts of mistakes people make when going to strip clubs, and one of the biggest mistakes with a reservation is booking private time but not a good package. A proper Vegas club is going to have a variety of packages you can procure. You can start with a bare bones package of just ensuring you have space in the club, or you can go with something that provides your transportation, drinks, and premium access to the dancers, etc. If you’re going through the process of booking a reservation at a strip club, you could go ahead and get the VIP treatment. You’re going to end up having a much better time at the club with a true VIP package.

If all you want out of your strip club experience is to walk in and belly up to the bar with everyone else to see the girls, then you might pick any low-rent bar around. But if you want to have a genuinely great experience, think about reserving a party at a high-end strip club in Vegas.

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