What is social media and for what purpose it is used?


Social is a way to connect, communicate and share media and text with friends, family, and other people digitally. It allows you to connect and be in touch with other distant people. socialmediagirlsforum are also very popular platform nowadays.


Social media is a platform or a tool that uses the internet to facilitate conversation. It is the shift from broadcast medium, one-to-many, and many-to-many, models rooted in a conversation between authors, people, and peers.”

Social means human connection with another human” and “media means a platform or a tool which we used to make a connection with other people.

Social media is used for human connection/interaction. Among all the uses of the internet, social media is a mostly used platform.

The purpose of social media is the make a platform for people through which humans can connect. Social media is also a beneficial platform for political parties to promote their campaigns and appeal for votes. Social media is also used for the study. You can share your writing and ideas on social media. The most important purpose of social media is communication. For branding, customer service, collaboration, citizen engagement, citizen participation, social media is used.

Types of social media:

There are different types of social media are used:-

Social networks (connect with people) such as Facebook, Twitter. Media sharing networks (share photos, videos) such as Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube. Discussion forums (share news and media) such as quora, Digg, Reddit. Bookmarking and content curation network (discover, share and save new content) such as Pinterest. Consumer review network (find and review business) such as Yelp, Zomato, Trip Advisor. Blogging and publishing network (publish content online) such as word press. Social shopping networks (shopping online) such as Amazon, eBay, fancy. Interest-based network (share interest and hobbies) such as Instagram, snap chat, Youtube.

Sharing economy networks (trade goods and services) such as Uber, Airbnb. Anonymous social network (communicate anonymously) such as whisper, afterschool.

The platform of social media:-

In 1999, QQ was introduced, a Chinese platform with a variety of different services including email, online social media games, music, shopping, instant messaging, etc.

Later on in 2004, Face book was invented used to exchange messages, make comments, status updates, and post. In 2006, Twitter was invented, a social media platform that users used for tweet messages, sharing photos and videos. Moreover, in 2009, an instant app Whatsapp was introduced; this is used for sharing photos, videos, and updating status. This is a safely used app. In 2010, the mobile social app Instagram was introduced. In 2011, a mobile using app snap chat was introduced this is the camera and also used for sharing videos and for conversation. Another app Wechat was introduced; a Chinese app used for voice messages, sharing photos, videos (similar to Whatsapp).

Benefits of social media:

There are many different benefits of social media:-

There is a great use of the social platform. This creates a connection between the user and the brand partner. This creates a path of least resistance to the website. This is a window into the competition. There’s a great opportunity to branch out among social media networks. This eliminates rock blokes on the path to purchase. Social media user-generated content. Moreover, social media has open, honest customer feedback.

Social media is a cheap platform. So, it is a good platform for small businesses.

Disadvantages of social media:

Social media has some disadvantages as well as have benefits. These advantages are following:-

Social media lacks an emotional connection. Moreover, Social media causes distraction. Social media cause the reduction of family closeness. It also causes face-to-face meetings to feel disconnected. Social media creates laziness. Social media has a skewed self-image.