How to create an AOL account and what are the benefits of AOL account?


AOL stands for American online it is the name of popular online service. This company was founded in 1985 and in 1997 this company becomes the world’s largest email provider with over 9 million user. AOL is a very fast and popular web service since the 90s but in 2005   they Relaunched AOL service with new features. It provides many free services like email and several other services.

All mail is one of the most user friendly and safe platform for communication, serving millions of people across the globe. You can take your pick from millions of username and very e  approachable lucid design.

. Its primary product Huffington Post Media Group, led under the direction of Arianna Huffington is a knowledge portal spanning various domains, including current affairs, perspectives, society, lifestyle, entertainment, community and digital content. The entire AOL group’s online portal has about a million contributors, including education and literature experts, political figures, celebrities and various bloggers.

The portal contains a plethora of useful content providing multimedia and digital information relevant to Business, Media, News, Communities, Sports, Health, Science & Technology, Rapports,Games, Celebrity news, Autos and various topics of interest that benefit millions.

If you’re still cannot approach to AOL sign up then you can freely contact to AOL technical support to who will assist you in all the possible ways to get the advantage of the Internet service of AOL. Marketing assistance from AOL email account technical team you can get solutions to everyone regarding a service and paid paints AOL email signup and user and password can also be managed and reset with the help of technical support if you can not make it by yourself.

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Using the AOL Mobile Mail through Mobile Browser

AOL Mobile is easily available from your Mobile (Android or iOS) through the mobile web browser. The email is very much similar to the Standard version of the desktop mail. You can access email from your Android’s browser or your iOS phone as it is compatible for both platforms. From your browser, visit and browse through your inbox.To access your email, you just need to enter your account details in the sign-in page and then click submit to access your inbox.

Features of AOLmail

The email application offers you the following features:

 Creating Emails with interactive content

 Managing your inbox with easy to use tools and Actions

 Setting up your inbox as per your preferences, including styles and themes.

 The new standard version of the email allows flexibility and interactivity.

 You can easily login to your Account through your AOL username that can be used with all AOL applications and integrated third party applications.

 Easily create and manage folders to better organize your mail.

 Sync Calendar and Contacts and set up Mail and Calendar Alerts.

Standard Edition: This is the new version of the email and has a dynamic user interfacewith many features.Accessibility Edition: This edition is for users who do not need to use a mouse while working in the mail. They perform actions through keyboard shortcuts and commands. This one is a specialized edition for advanced users with the expertise and convenience for keyboard commands and instructions.

Basic Edition: This email edition is the older version and is well suited to desktop browsers.

– The new Standard edition offers a dynamic user experience with a brilliant interface thathas many features and options available to the user. This version is also similar to the version using a mobile browser.

– The Search feature is available to the user that can be used to search and lookup emails, events and contacts.

– The integration of AIM, AOL’s instant messenger allows for real time communication, enabling the users to interact through IMs and video chats. – You can also set up email filters to customize your email according to your preferences.

If you are not registered with AOL and are using AOL mail for the first time, then you will have to sign up for an AOL account. This can be easily done through the AOL website. There are two ways you can set up your mail account on AOL.

Enter your details for specific fields like:

  • When you are directed to the registration page, the account form will need to be filled First & Last Name
  • Username and Password
  • Zip code
  • Date of Birth
  • Secret Question
  • Security Code
  • After you have correctly entered all required data in the form, check the terms and conditions’ acceptance box and then enter submit. Your new AOL account would be set up in a few seconds and you will be directed to the confirmation page displaying your account details. You now have an AOL mail account that can be accessed using the username/password you mentioned during registration. You can change your password by accessing the account settings in your inbox.

How to this AOL setup process setting?

Step go to Android home screen and open email icon app.

Enter your email address and AOL email account password then click manual setup button.

Select IMAP account.

Step enter the following details on incoming server settings screen.

Forward AOL mail to Gmail:

Forwarding any email to Gmail using steps you just need to enter different sources email account. Following steps are used to forward any AOL mail to Gmail

1: login to Gmail

2: select the cog icon on the right and then accounts and import.

3: select check email from other accounts and add an email account.

4: enter your AOL email address in the pop up box and hit next.

5: check the email server details and enter your AOL password where promoted.

6: select leaves a copy of retrieved message on the server to keep copies with AOL.

7:Select at account

 Account Settings:

You can use AIM , AOL’s instant messenger to chat and converse with your contacts and friends. The Integration allows for real time interaction. You can click a contact to send an IM or message to and collaborate through video calls. All your conversations can be viewed in saved conversions folder in the main menu of the Inbox.You can access your Account Settings from the Settings option provided in the email below. This is relevant to the basic version of the email. In the settings tab just define the settings for your email account including theme, message display options, calendar and contact details, account password and other information.

AOL mail from your mobile:

You can now access AOL mobile mail from your device’s browser by downloading the AOL app from Google play store or from the AOL website. The AOL mail has support for both the Android and iOS platforms and is compatible with devices running the latest version of these operating systems. You can also synchronize your AOL email with your phone’s email client to access your emails with ease and comfort.AOL Mobile Mail provides the flexibility to exchange emails while on the go and provides an enriching user experience. Your AOL email, contacts and events can be synchronizedwith your mobile easily providing for a dynamic user experience.

Using the AOL Mobile Mail through Mobile BrowserAOL Mobile is easily available from your Mobile (Android or iOS) through the mobile web browser. The email is very much similar to the Standard version of the desktop mail. You can access email from your Android’s browser or your iOS phone as it is compatible for both platforms. From your browser, visit and browse through your inbox.To access your email, you just need to enter your account details in the sign-in page and then click submit to access your inbox.

How to create an AOL  account:

  • Visit the AOL website in your browser.
  • At the top right, click on the joint text link.
  • In the a sign in page click on create an account button.
  • Type your first and last name in the text fields type or select your email name from suggestions.
  • Type your password.
  • Type your mobile number select your date of birth.
  • Type your gender which is optional and click on continue.
  • Click on text me a verification code to verify your phone number. AOL will send a verification code on your mentioned mobile number.
  • Enter the verification code and click on the verify button.
  • Now click on the done button to complete the process.

Congratulations you are aol mail account has been created.

How to sync AOL mail data in your mobile:

You can easily sync data between your AOL mail application and your Mobile’s (Android or iOS) email application. This would enable you to easily access your emails in the offline mode and work in your mobile email’s inbox as per your convenience. All your contacts, emails and events would be synched with the mobile’s calendar and contacts for you to enjoy seamless communication without interruptions or any hassle. You can send emails directly from your mobile’s email application through your AOL mail account to your synced contacts and set up mobile mail and calendar alerts.

To sync your AOL mail account with your mobile mail account just add your AOL username and password in your mobile’s email application depending on your mobile model and make and click sync. Your email will be synced after account verification.You can also sync your contacts and calendar with your mobile device. In Android devices just use the mobile browser and go to and click contacts. For calendar sync visit from your phone’s browser. You can also create shortcuts for contacts and calendar on your phone’s home screen and just tap them togain access.

The AOL App for managing your emails and contacts:

You can also download the AOL app and browse emails by accessing it through the Google. Moreover, Play Store for Android devices or from the AOL website. The App allows easy access,especially when you are in the offline mode while changes you made are synched once you are connected to the internet.Just install the APP on your mobile device and enter your account details in the sign-in or login page. The app will direct you to your inbox where you can customize folders and exchange emails just like in the desktop version. You can access the main menu by swiping your finger to the right from the top left corner of your App’s inbox or phone screen.

What is the advantages and disadvantages of using AOL business mail?

Aol mail is already a homely name for everyone it is used by many for the exchange of emails. However, for proper communication with the people around the globe. All that is needed is an a email id and an Internet connection. If our user has this then one can easily communicate with anyone from everywhere around the world.

AOL is no more new in the market it has got for itself in a free cognition by now. And as a result it has got many development and advancement associated with itself now. One such advancement or we can say that development is that of the AOL webmail. It is used by many around the globe for the fulfillment of communication. It needs and other requirements related to the profession or business. But just like every coin has two sides the same thing goes on.

The first and farmers advantage of using aol mail for business is it is free. To create the user does not have to pay any monthly fees for it. AOL also allows the business owner to get access to the mail directly on the phone.