What is YouTube and what is its purpose?

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YouTube is owned by Google, and it is an American app used for the online video sharing. YouTube is one of biggest social media platforms on earth. The name YouTube is very straightforward. The word ‘you’ represent the user while the term ‘tube’ represent the old term of television. This multibillion-dollar company has billions of user and thousands of hours of video content uploaded every few minutes.

YouTube is used to share video, pictures, and regular activities throughout the world. Community is important of YouTube world, without community there is no purpose of YouTube. You can watch and subscribe the videos on YouTube channel. You can every kind of video on YouTube. This is a platform which connects the people, throughout the world.

History and origin of YouTube:

Did you know that billions of videos are watched on YouTube in a single day? On February 14th, 2005, YouTube was launched by three PayPal employees: Jawed Karim, Steve Chin, and Chad Hurly. Together they wished to create an online site for people to share videos about themselves. This concept quickly evolved and expended into a broader platform. The first ever video was uploaded by Jawed Karim and was named ‘Me at the Zoo’. During this 19 sec clip, he showcased a group of elephants located in the San Diego Zoo.

The first YouTube headquarter was located above a pizzeria and Japanese restaurant in San Mateo, California. In December 2005, a Nike commercial of Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho receiving his pair of golden boots, become the first video to receive one million views. That same year, the five star rating systems, playlist, full screen view, subscriptions were introduced. In 2006, YouTube begins one of the fastest-growing online location with more than 65,000 videos uploads and hundred million views per day, making it the 5th most popular website. Beginning in March of 2006 its business model become advertisement based, generating 15 million dollar per month. Later that same year, YouTube exponential growth compelled Google to purchase it for 1.65 billion dollars.

In 2007, YouTube rolled out its ‘’partner program’’, allowing regular folks to earn money for their videos. Quickly, hobbies were turned into money-making businesses were turned into money making businesses with some successful channels earning six-figure incomes from ad revenue sharing. Back then, the Smosh channel was at its peak, becoming the most subscribed YouTube channel.

In 2009, HD videos were soon introduced, spawning high-resolution gaming and vlogging content. YouTube teamed up with media company Vivendi to launch a new music video service called music, in response to much company complaints about piracy and unfair licensing term. As part of deal, vevo can distribute its video on YouTube setting the foundations for vivo massive YouTube presence today. YouTube total viewership soon rivaled and eventually surpassed that of television.

In 2010, content creator Felix Kjellberg joined you tube with the channel name. ‘’PewDiePie’’. At first he provided video game commentary before expanding to vlogging about internet memes. PewDiePie has since surpassed 100 million subscribe and is the most-subscribed to solo creator on the platform today. With an eye on innovation, YouTube introduced skippable ads, allowing consumer to skip over ad after five sec and launched straight into the video they want to watch. In December 2010 the YouTube reviewed video retrospective was uploaded, tiled ‘’2010 YouTube rewind:  year in review’’. It featured the top 10 most popular videos for the preceding year.  YouTube rewind 2018 is currently the most unlike videos on YouTube.

In 2011, YouTube live was launched, allowing the streaming of news & special events such as concert, gaming, tournament, royal wedding and worldwide sports such as the Olympics.

In 2012, pay’s Gangnam Style became the first ever video to hit 1 billion views. Your years later, Adele’s ‘Hello’ set the recode as the fastest video on YouTube to hit 1 billion views. It took the British singer just 88 days to beat out the previous record. During the next few years, YouTube created partnerships with mainstream media to create news, gaming and entertainment channels.

In 2015, Google launched YouTube music and YouTube kids, a new family friendly version of the video platform that filters connect to ensure its save for minors. The kids’ platform offers parental control, like limiting screen time and disabling search. The launched of ‘’YouTube gaming’’ provided a way for gamers to live-stream their play session to a live audience thus, allowing to interact and chat in real time.

In 2019, popular channels PewDiePie and t-series would be locked in a fierce battle to be the first to reach 100 million subscribe. PewDiePie, an individual content creator, was helped by an amazing international grass-roots campaign & numerous other YouTube stars such as Mr. Beast and Logan Paul.

Silent feature of YouTube:

There are following feature of you tube:

  • You can create your personal channel on you tube.
  • You can upload your videos on your channel.
  • You can create playlist to order videos and group videos together.
  • Users can subscribe your channel and you can also subscribe others channels.
  • Like, comment, and share other channels.


How to signs up to you tube?

This is very easy to create an account on you tube. Turn on the Google and go to the YouTube website www.youtube.com.

And click the sign in option at the top of the screen to go to the basic Google signup form. Select the option of create account and create an account for yourself and your business. For the confirmation of your identity you give your name, password and email address to the YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel:

Goggle account is important for creating you tube channel, you can create your YouTube channel in three steps:-

  1. Go to you tube website and create your tube account.
  2. When your YouTube channel is create then click on your profile icon and then select the option ‘’create a channel’’
  3. In the last step, you have the option of create a personal channel, or business channel. For example, there are two option of name using, use custom name and use your
  4. Custom name option used for small business
  5. In the last, give a name to your channel. Upload a picture in your profile. Add a description in your channel. Add links in your channel, which include custom link, social link to instagram.

Congratulations!  You have successfully creates your YouTube channel.

How to upload a video on you tube channel?

Following steps are include in the uploading of video on you tube channel.

  • Firstly, log in to YouTube account.
  • Click on the video icon button at the top of the win
  • Now click the upload video option.
  • Then ‘select the video for uploading’.
  • You have another option of privacy setting on your video.
  • You can add a title so it becomes easy for search engines.
  • Add a description of the video.
  • You can also tags, which is helpful for the discovery for your video
  • In the end, click the button upload, now your video is on YouTube.

What are the components of you tube video?

YouTube video consists of following components:-

  • A good story is the main component of the video.
  • Emotional content
  • Background music
  • Brevity
  • Clarence
  • Bonus/offer.

Benefits of you tube channel:

There are many benefits of YouTube videos

  • It is free to use, watching and liking the video.
  • You can earn money through uploading video on you channel.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is an easy way to share video
  • Back links are generated.

Disadvantages of YouTube channel:

  • Everything is public.
  • It is time wasting in the start of your channel.
  • You have to follow many rules.
  • Many you tube channels fail, because they don’t follow the rules.
  • You will need some patient.
  • Other people may steal your ideas.