The Benefits of Remote Breastfeeding Services


A Surprising Modern Option For New Moms

There is always a silver lining. Though 2020 saw a substantial health crisis impact the world in a number of surprising ways, there were some outcomes that weren’t totally negative. For example, decentralized technological infrastructure became more tangible. People work from home more than they ever have now—about 1 in 4 folks have their house as a main office.

Also, telemedicine has become much more viable than it ever was. Before 2020’s unfortunate events, there were remote options where doctors used the web to teleconference with patients and either perform certain cursory examinations or interviews. Owing to necessity, such services became more optimal than they had ever been starting in 2020.

There is still a lot of work to be done before telemedicine is truly a superior option to in-person doctor visits. In the meantime, new moms have some surprisingly convenient options in niche areas of healthcare. Namely, as regards remote breastfeeding services. Here we’ll briefly look at three advantages of such options.


  1. Privacy

When you go into a lactation specialist’s office, certainly it will only be you and the consultant in their office. That said, you’ve still got to wait in the waiting room, deal with the receptionist, and things like that can be a little uncomfortable. Self-consciousness is something parents eventually seem to get over. New moms are still fighting against such feelings.

Even if you have a cast-iron constitution, it can be embarrassing to seek help. With remote breastfeeding support, it’s just you and the specialist; so the perceived discomfort of the physical visit is diminished.


  1. You Don’t Have to Travel

New moms generally don’t like traveling, and it’s easy to see why. The body doesn’t always feel as strong as it should, you don’t have time to make yourself look pretty, and driving with a baby can be a challenge. With a virtual lactation consultant, you just pick a time, put it in your schedule, and click the link when the day comes.


  1. You Don’t Have to Bring Baby Out in Public

Even if you can handle the waiting room and the traffic, and not being able to prepare yourself for the public, it’s hard to walk with your newborn anywhere. They are apt to burp up or have a fit, and you’ve got to have your diaper bag with you at all times. With options conducted over the web, that’s another inconvenience that evaporates.


Getting The Help You Need Where and When You Need It

With telemedicine options like those defining virtual lactation consultation, you don’t have to get prepared to go out in public. You don’t have to travel, you don’t have to worry about packing the baby bag for the trip, and you don’t have to feel self-conscious. There’s a good reason so many new moms prefer remote resources like these to the old way of doing things.