The Perfect Indoor Weekend

Who Needs the Traffic?

You’re in Los Angeles—well, Van Nuys, but it’s still in the county. Even before 2020’s international unpleasantness changed the way the world works, it was quite the undertaking to go out for the night. Say you wanted to go see a comedy show at The Hollywood Improv off Melrose. You’re only ten or twenty miles away in Van Nuys, but that could be a two or three hour drive, round-trip—L.A. traffic is so bad, even after the pandemic, it has returned.


To get to The Improv, you’ve got to catch the 101 or the 170 over to the 405, then you’ve got to play the inchworm game over the hill, down the hill, and through whichever street you prefer to find Melrose (a lot of folks like Sunset Boulevard). Alternatively, you could go east and come over the hill right in Hollywood proper, then drive in stop-and-go traffic to the comedy club.

Getting a mile in Los Angeles can easily take an hour. Compounding the issue, you’ll find everybody just assumes they’ll be at a given light for five minutes and jams on their device for a while, further clogging traffic. It’s an issue alright. Americans check phones 96 times a day. Often, that means while driving; especially in L.A.

Then you’ve got to get home, doing it all over again—only now there are a bunch of people driving around who definitely shouldn’t be. Altogether, if you wanted to attend a two hour show in Hollywood from Van Nuys, you could be looking at an eight hour commitment when the dust settles. That’s one of many reasons people in this area like to have nights in. Here’s how to do so in style.


  1. Get the Party Favors Early

First, have all the things you need at your fingertips so you don’t have to go anywhere. That means if you want to get to an “elevated” state of mind, you might as well know who offers the best weed delivery in Van Nuys. You can either pick things up in advance, or have them delivered right to your door—the later is preferable, certainly.


  1. Have Multiple Friends Over

Unless you prefer solitude, make an event out of it. Have a half dozen friends from the neighborhood over. Maybe do a cookout, maybe have a few brews. If you’re going to have a weekend, by all means, have a weekend!


  1. Plan it Out in Advance

Take your time and figure out the angles. Just because you’re not leaving the house doesn’t mean there are no logistics to consider. Pick a weekend out of the month and plan to seize it fully.


The Perfect At-Home Weekend

If you’ve got your friends, your party favors, and your plans ironed out in advance, you’ll be perfectly set to have a fine weekend at home. You can skip the traffic of the city, and yet avoid being isolated at the same time.