Best Practices in Marketing a Plastic Surgeon


A Delicate Proposition

You’re going to have a diverse array of clients at your plastic surgery clinic. You’ll need to appeal to their vanity in some cases, and avoid doing that at all costs in others. People have this misconception that the sort of people who get cosmetic work done are of one particular kind. This isn’t the case. People get corrective surgery all the time for accidents and the like.

Following we’ll briefly explore three notable best practices in marketing plastic surgery to help you get started off on the right foot.


  1. Find the Best Avenues of Approach to Spread Your Message

All marketing tends to work better if it utilizes more than one outreach channel. For example, if you’ve got an ad in a magazine, you might as well take one out in a local newspaper as well. If you’ve got television commercials, buy some radio marketing as well. One place many cosmetic surgery clinics are doing quite well today is through online outreach avenues.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and more can all be helpful. There are even specific digital marketing niches for certain healthcare options. Check out this link to plastic surgery digital marketing.


  1. Know Who Your Market is, Appeal to Them Psychologically

Next, you need to understand your key demographics. This is important regardless of the sort of business you’re operating. With plastic surgery, it’s doubly important, because people tell themselves whatever is comforting to rationally justify their actions. Accordingly, if you’re providing facial plastic surgery in Dallas, understand the psychological profile of the clientele.

Some are going to come in for nose work, some for breast augmentation, others for a facelift, others for a tummy tuck. Keep numbers so you know who gets what, how much they spend, and which procedures are most sought at your clinic.


  1. Lean Into Legitimate Health Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

There are some legitimate health benefits to plastic surgery that have nothing to do with the cosmetic “angle”. Cosmetic surgery can restore self-esteem, and it can help you get back to a sort of equilibrium.

If you’ve been in a wreck, or you’ve got a cleft palate, plastic surgery is often the best option. Lean into that with marketing materials, as it makes things more palatable.


Optimized Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

There’s a lot to consider if you’re marketing a plastic surgery company. Lean into whatever legitimate benefits can be legally stated regarding the procedures you serve. Understand who your market is, and meet them where they “live” in a psychological sense. Be sure you market across multiple outreach channels also as a means of assuring you reach the most people.

Lastly, whatever marketing decisions you make, commit to them for between four months and a year, and keep careful numbers. This way you can find which methods really work, and calibrate your focus in that direction going forward.