Meditation Can Change The Capacity Of Your Brain

putting the Habbit of Meditation

Meditation is an approach to training the mind. Just like the approach to training a fitness body. Nowadays meditation has become very common. We all are well acquainted with meditation. TV and the internet have helped a lot in this. But it is often seen that people start it with a lot of noise but gradually their dedication and hard work decrease. And one day it comes that we completely stop doing it.



Some people find meditation a boring task. Which they do not find anything new and interesting to do. But according to me, nothing is more interesting than meditation provided you know what and how to do it.

Meditation helps us to focus our attention in one place. It helps us to form all our habits. This gives us more peace and our mind remains focused. Helps you understand your own mind. So today let’s know some tips that will help you in putting the Habbit of Meditation.

Tips for Meditation

Do not try to start all the tips given below at once, first start from scratch, then gradually increase your habit.

Sitting for just two minutes: You will find it very easy to meditate for two minutes. You start meditation for just two minutes a week. If it goes well with you, then increase it for another 2 minutes for the next one week. If everything is going well for you, then in the same way you increase your duration gradually but remember always start with a small step.

Do this first thing every morning: It’s easy to say I’ll meditate but. But then you forget it. Instead, set a reminder every morning and write a note that you can see when you need to meditate.

Do not get entangled in how to do it: Many people keep getting entangled in these things like where they should sit, and how to sit, all these things are good but not so good to think about these things in the beginning. You can start from anywhere, from your bed, from the chair or from the floor, wherever you feel comfortable.

Check how you are feeling. When you are set in your meditation, check to see for yourself how you are feeling. How is your body feeling?

Count your breaths: Now that you are settled, now bring your attention towards your breath, and feel how it reaches your lungs through your nails.

Develop Loving Attitude: When feelings start arising in you during meditation, then look at them with a friendly attitude, do not deal harshly with them.

Don’t think too much about clearing the mind. Many people think that meditation is about clearing your mind and stopping all thoughts, but it is not. This happens sometimes, but it is not the goal of meditation. If you have thoughts, then it is a normal thing.

Do a body scan. When you get better at following your breath, another thing you can do is focus on one body part at a time.


Find a community:

Find a community that does meditation and join them so that you can go and meditate with them. Or join an online community and ask them questions and motivate others.

Meditation is not always easy or peaceful. But it has really amazing benefits, and you can start it today, and continue for the rest of your life. Stay connected with All India Event & Write for us health if you have any health blogs!

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