How To Draw Gacha Life and Angry Bird: Blockbuster game world


Should children play video games? Should children play games? This is probably a problem that bothers many parents. Because in this day and age, it is complicated to prevent children from using smartphones or tablets. However, video games are not always harmful, and even if allowed to play in moderation, the benefits of video games may surprise you. Multiplayer video games are top-rated right now. These game are played online and have the participation of many people from many regions and countries worldwide. This will encourage children to make friends and build necessary skills such as teamwork to think together about how to solve tasks in the game. Games will help children increase their creativity.

Some valuable games are Gacha Life, angry bird, candy crush, etc. However, parents must control their children when they play video games; Only let your baby play for a specific time. There is a time limit. For your child to balance play and learning, you should let him draw the characters in the game on paper. That baby is sure to enjoy it. If your kids can draw, they can do whatever they want. In this article, we would like to introduce you to two topics. That is How to draw Gacha Life and how to draw angry birds. Please read the article below!

How To Drawing Gacha Life: Funny chibi figures

Gacha Life is a game genre designed with cute chibi graphics and cheerful colors. Players can customize the interface, unleash their creativity, and create a character according to their personality with aesthetic eyes. Gacha Life will lead you to the lovely cartoon world. When entering the world of Gacha, the first thing you have to do is design a character of your own. You can customize many different colors and shapes. There are also passive and moving poses. Especially you have the right to change the shape of the character at any time you want. The modes in Gacha are all different, so it won’t affect the order you play the game; so don’t be too concerned about this issue. Feel free to create a character according to your personality, with a simple but equally charming and lovely 2D graphic design.

Players can freely design their own characters. In addition, the character’s movements are a bit limited but still fully express the character’s emotions. Most impressive is that Gacha’s wallpapers always give players a lot of fun-filled with fresh colors and many different themes. In addition, the game also has funny background music mixed with a little cute, making players always feel refreshed. You will be able to feel the joy when participating in the Gacha pose.

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Should children play games or not?

Usually, every problem has good and bad sides, and so is gaming. Children will read better by playing games. Many children read very poorly because they lack concentration. Playing games will exercise concentration, improve orientation, and exploit information for children. Since then, children have greatly improved their reading ability. A better understanding of the effects of the game and the benefits of the game will help you have a more multi-dimensional view. If you know how to control your child to play games without addiction, you can maximize the benefits of playing games.

Because playing a game is like reading a book! Different age groups have their books. It would be great for children to read stories to them. But it’s also dangerous to read books that are out of date, isn’t it? Gaming, too; if your child plays the Right game, the brain will be developed very well, even more so. But on the contrary, it is the unhealthy games that are the problem to worry about!

So is there a way to play games without addiction for young children?

Of course, yes, you can maximize the benefits of gaming for your child. Stay away from games that are harmful to children, especially games that are highly violent. Avoid games rated for adults because they may contain bad, harsh language. Should choose games suitable for the age of young children, healthy.

The next healthy approach is moderation. You should only let your child play for about 1 hour after they have finished their schoolwork. Plan sports activities, have fun, socialize with friends, and combine with other activities such as reading appropriately.

Let your child play in the shared space. Children should not be left to play alone. Because sometimes, young children “fingerprint” can press the wrong button or play games that are not good for children.

Drawing characters in the game Gacha Life seems difficult but is very simple if you visit our How To Drawing Gacha Life page. You are so lucky to have known us. We have shown you how to draw Gacha life character. You only need to spend a short time to have a perfect drawing.

Indeed, painting helps children comprehensively develop their brains, eyes, and hands. When coloring, eyes, hands, fingers, and wrists must move flexibly and coordinate with each other to be able to hold the pen and paint as desired. The brain will control the eyes and hands to distinguish and select Colors at will. The fact that children hold a pen and practice drawing will help them master the pen, practice writing easily, and develop the ability to think logically and think abstractly as a premise to support their future learning.

The manipulating painting will make wrists and fingers move more flexibly; thanks to this skill, children can completely learn well in other subjects such as learning musical instruments. Besides, children can completely create pictures according to their liking, coordinate colors so that they are beautiful, and express their personality through drawings.

In order to complete drawing a picture, the child will have to do how to properly reflect the reality through that picture by showing the true phenomena according to the child’s judgment. For example, the color of the object, the phenomenon, the shape, and the layout of the picture. In addition to understanding, when the child completes a drawing, it will give the child a feeling of success, completing a process that helps children gain confidence when doing anything outside of their children’s lives.

How to draw Angry Bird: Attractive game characters

Angry Bird is one of the famous game characters known by many people. Angry Birds started as a mobile game launched in 2009, and since then, it has grown into a sizable media empire. If your child is a fan of angry birds, quickly visit How To Draw Angry Bird to learn how to draw Angry Bird. Angry Bird is a famous game globally, suitable for all ages. The game was in vogue; these characters became so popular that they were filmed. The characters in the game Angry Bird have a powerful attraction to players and viewers.

Red is always the main character and is also the first Bird that the player can own in the Angry Birds versions. In this Bird, every player can see one thing in common is that Red is like a leader, always the first to stand up to protect the eggs and destroy the green pigs to protect his family. However, this is also the most hot-tempered Bird and the easiest to lose control.

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Bomb Bird is considered one of the most powerful birds. However, this is a very funny bird, playful and cheerful. Bomb bird is not good at controlling anger and for fun; what this character chooses is raking sand and drinking tea in his garden. This character’s choice is to rake the sand or drink tea in his garden.

Finally, there is Terence – the most anticipated person in this game. It is not difficult to recognize this “giant” because Terence is the Bird with the most “huge” appearance (even bigger than Bomb); the red plumage clearly shows determination as well as complete strength. Of this Bird. Although the appearance and face are somewhat “scary,” this Bird is the most affectionate and hardworking character in Angry Birds. Not only that, but Terence is also appreciated for his intelligence, sensitivity, and care and is ready to fight at any time to protect his friends and family.

There are many other very lovely characters; your child will surely love to draw them. What are you waiting for? Visit the link How to draw angry bird to update the complete drawing on how to draw Angry Bird. You will become your child’s teacher, and maybe your child will become a future painter. Indeed, if your child feels angry one fine day, let him sit and learn to draw. That is therapy to help children vent their sadness and anger. When drawing, relaxing the body helps children relax and forget about things that make them unhappy. This is also a time when parents and children are together; children will freely ask about something in the picture and in real life, helping children create an interest in learning and practicing new words in life.

Practicing drawing is a tiny thing, but it is essential in developing children’s intelligence and skills. Parents should accompany children to support their children to bring positive effects to them appropriately. Instruct children to draw correctly with the characteristics of each object and the lines of each detail. Encourage and praise the child when he draws well and paints perfectly. Parents need to encourage children, motivate them, and create excitement for them.

Parents teaching children to draw contributes to the formation of the child’s personality. First of all, learning to draw will foster the ability to perceive aesthetics, love beauty, and help children always have faith in life and good things, thereby contributing to the formation of children’s personalities. Thereby, learning to draw with their children will show parents that children practice their ability to observe very clearly. Watching the world around is a necessary ability and will increase in children getting use to and enjoying painting.

Letting children learn to draw from a young age with their parents will help them freely express their will through painting without being restricted by anything. Through the creative drawing process, the children are deepened their original potential, which is creative thinking, which will help them to have a higher chance of success in the future than other children of the same age.


All that the child observes and remembers will synthesize, link, and analyze by the children, and the children will think and draw what they want. Through the pictures children draw, it is possible to know how the child’s cognitive thinking develops to make timely adjustments. Children are introduce to painting early; their logical and abstract thinking has the opportunity to develop early and create a foundation for intellectual development. With two pages of How To Drawing Gacha Life and how to draw angry birds, you can detail how to draw and guide children to practice drawing at home. After you have the product, you can give us those lovely pictures. Please visit the website: to learn more ways of drawing and coloring with different themes to help your baby develop soft skills.





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