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Bendy coloring pages

Bendy coloring pages: Horror cartoon characters will also turn cute through coloring pages

Whether old or young, every person’s childhood must be indispensable for moments of looking forward to animated movies shown on television. It could be the movie Mickey Mouse, the movie about the dog Pluto or Goofy, or it could also be about princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, or prince knights. 

And childhood is even more indispensable with cute and lovely toys and entertaining games on electronic devices. To get acquainted with all those cartoon characters with different colors, why don’t we try to color their color pages to experience more exciting things of creativity. If you are brave and love adventure, let’s color Bendy coloring pages to see if they are as scary as in the game?

Printable Bendy coloring sheets

Bendy coloring pages: Disney studio horror version scary?

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a survival horror series about a forgotten studio. Moreover, Bendy and the Ink Machine was introduced with a way-finding element, so compared to survival horror games, at least we knew we would have a better chance of surviving than just running and hiding. This time, the ” playground ” is an old animation studio with tasks given such as fixing the printer and finding a way to start it… The type of puzzle game to find objects in a closed room is not new but has never become boring, especially for game lovers. In this opening chapter, the puzzles are at a relatively easy level, next to start the following parts, and at the same time give open suggestions for us to have more interest in the main plot.

As we step into the famous animation studio, we will quickly realize something is out of the ordinary. The scene was desolate and lonely. Something like ink, or at least let’s hope it’s ink, splattered everywhere. The closed doors then opened. Fictional Bendy dummies appeared out of nowhere behind you. The horror journey continued slowly.

The story unfolds when we play an animator named Henry, who receives an invitation to visit the old studio after 30 years of separation from his colleague Joey. 

The character Joey promises to show Henry something good, but welcome here is only the scene of the old, dilapidated factory full of horror. As we search for Joey and find a way out of that monstrous place, we gradually uncover hidden secrets about Henry himself and the animated character he created for life, Bendy. What happened during Henry’s drawing of Bendy? Why does Bendy look like he’s living in this place and wanting to harm its creator? Where is Joey in the end, is the letter sent to us written by Joey? All the questions are what draw us deeper into the world of Bendy and the Ink Machine.

The lead of the first chapter is skillful and engaging. The subtle production team gives many hints with clues scattered on the way, the recorded cassettes, or Henry’s monologue. Unclear but just enough for us to surmise, little by little, this artist’s dark past and inner self are gradually revealed. With the type of plot turned upside down when the right side ends up being the villain, the final victim is the evil one, and you can guess the problem at the first minute, but it’s not because; however, we still like Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Bendy and the Ink Machine is considered a great horror game attractive to all ages

The game’s producer deserves a medal for bringing the perfect dark version of the familiar Disney animation studio. The elaboration and meticulousness in character creation and color selection have completely conveyed the spirit and atmosphere of the game. The horror element is cleverly and naturally integrated with only scenes of abandoned desks, a sprawling fitting room, and an empty video that keeps on running. We see ink stains on the walls and ceiling in the dark corridors and small splatters on the ground like blood spilled after a massacre. Fear is gradually building up with each scene that the player encounters. With captivating storytelling and extremely reasonable speed, the ruined haunted house in the game is like a breath of new life. And you will also quickly realize that Bendy and the Ink Machine is a game that brings a rather “weird” cartoon style.

Bendy and the Ink Machine is considered a horror game, and characters for people like this genre and the images designed in the game cause a feeling of gloom and fear. But the steps out of the dark scene of that haunted house, our characters get out of the cold fear and win the audience’s hearts again. Parents do not support young children participating in this game because they feel that the content and colors are not suitable for the child’s childish soul. But many children who love the feeling of adventure and experience a sense of fear will love this game. We think this is not a game suitable for all ages, especially children.

Bendy coloring pages will help children love this character more

The character Bendy in Bendy and the Ink Machine is quite interesting, with a special appearance. We know that there are a lot of baby toys that feature Bendy’s image to attract children’s interest. Indeed, when Bendy stepped out of the horror world in Bendy and the Ink Machine, he became a rather lovely and funny character. Parents can rest assured that children can participate in coloring through Bendy coloring pages without fear of horror elements affecting the child’s soul. Bendy coloring pages are beautiful, high-quality pictures. And funny pictures of characters that we have adjusted to suit children’s ages and interests.

The Bendy coloring page will help your child focus on details while being relaxed. And comfortable, allowing them to stimulate the creativity they need. We think that children will create funny and lovely Bendy pictures with children’s creations and innocent souls. Bendy becomes the scary or cute version depending on the children’s love and creativity.

Coloring is a part of children’s lives from a very young age. It is essential to give them the tools to develop their creativity through art. This activity is very beneficial for the development of children in many ways. It helps children develop their motor skills and practice, and they also use coloring as a method of expression. We know about aspects of the child’s personality through factors such as the shape of the pictures. The spatial orientation, and the various elements used for coloring.

Coloring helps children develop finger grasping ability. It provides an opportunity to practice holding a crayon correctly. And supports the development of fine motor muscles in the child’s hands, fingers, and wrists. With the Bendy coloring page, children practice holding crayons firmly to begin to color their pictures skillfully.

Coloring helps children focus more. Color requires good concentration, and this kind of focus on one task can help children develop concentration levels. Bendy color pages are not too complicating. So children need to determine the characters’ actions in the picture. And focus on the great details to choose the correct coloring.

Coloring activities encourage children’s color perception. Using different colors allows children to explore combinations and shows them how they can change the picture. It is excellent for raising awareness of lesser-known colors. Bendy coloring pages in the game is a horror character. So coloring with Bendy color page is an opportunity to challenge color recognition through characters. Bendy can be cute or scary, depending on color.

Coloring stimulates creative thinking. Children can develop a drawing style and enjoy creating a fantasy world. Children learn to plan as they decide on the colors they will use in their picture. And then in what order they will color the things in the picture. As their confidence grows. They are more likely to take risks and experiment with colors, patterns, and special effects with crayons. Let your children experience Bendy and the ink machine coloring pages and learn more exciting things.


With the development of technology, we feel that coloring in activities has taken an important and necessary place in children’s learning. Color in pictures and drawing may seem like simple tasks. But children have many learning benefits when participating in coloring activities. 

Coloring has an important place in a child’s development and can easily incorporate into a child’s activities day. We hope that Bendy coloring pages will be a great gift that parents give their children. We have lots of other coloring sheets for kids to explore. Children feel free to be creative with the color, quality, and content of the picture will be our mission. Now let’s experiment with the coloring activity!


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