10 Hawaiian Food You Must Try

Butternut Squash

A poke restaurant may be found in any major metropolis. Although we enjoy poke, it is not the focus of Hawaiian cuisine. Hawaiian cuisine is a delectable mash-up of culinary influences from a variety of ethnic groups that settled on the islands. Chinese and Japanese are among them. Hawaiian cuisine has a lot to offer in Reno. We wanted to share some of our favourite local Hawaiian food with you so that you may get ideas for your next catering order. These are our top recommendations.

French Dip Pho

Hawaiians are Pho fans. In Hawaii, there are hundreds of pho restaurants. The Pho French Dip, a spin on the French Dip sandwich, was born out of this passion. Rich meats like brisket or caramelised pork are placed on top of creamy pate on toasted bread. Pickled carrot spears and daikon, as well as cilantro and finely sliced chilies, round out the sandwich. To properly appreciate the sandwich, dip it in a bowl of steamed-hot Pho soup.


Slow-cooked and delicate kalua pig is a delectable meal that should not be overlooked. It’s produced by slow-cooking pork shoulder with cabbage for many hours before serving it over sticky white rice. You may get kalua sliders from Pola Poke Bowls in Reno, NV, or crispy, airy fries with kalua pork from Seattle’s Happy Gillmore for a modern spin on this iconic meal. Your office will be in line for lunch when they smell the Hawaiian food.

Malasadas (Malasadas)

Popular Hawaiian food is malasadas. These delicate Portuguese doughnuts may be cooked till golden brown and fluffy. Warm malasadas or sugared malasadas can be offered. There is no filling in most classic malasadas. Some types, though, do. Malasadas can be made with simple guava custard, tart lihing (dry pickled plum powder), or molten hot guava custard.


Burger with ahi

The Hawaiian ahi hamburger is an excellent choice for a light, summery catering meal. The seasoned tuna patties have a crunchy exterior and a juicy inside. Buttery lettuce, red onion, and creamy wasabi mayo provide just the proper amount of flavour to the meaty tuna hamburger.

Spam Musubi (fried)

Spam musubi is a popular food in Hawaii. This snack may be found in a variety of locations, including convenience shops and catering menus. A Japanese rice ball stuffed with porky meat and covered in seaweed is known as spam musubi. You may also add unique variations to this meal, such fried Spam Musubi with crunchy panko crust.

Salad de Papaya

Green papaya shreds are blended in a vivid dressing with lime juice, dried shrimp, and Thai chilli slices. Dressing, but not too hot. After that, cilantro and toasted peanuts are added to the crisp salad. Crispy chicharrones are occasionally served. It’s the perfect combination of heat, funk, and sourness. It may also be enjoyed by practically everyone in the room, not just salad eaters.

Loco Moco

Many restaurants and caterers provide loco moco, a traditional Hawaiian meal at its best. Season the browned hamburger patties with seasoned salt. The caramelised onion gravy is then poured over the burgers. A minimum of two crispy eggs is required. At Denver’s Hangry Ohana, you may order loco moco.

Breakfast Congee 

Congee may appear simple at first appearance, but the sweetness of the rice oatmeal is enhanced when salt, such as Portuguese sausage, is added. Congee pairs wonderfully with these crisp puffs.

Poke Bowl (nine)

A zesty yuzu dressing is added on delicate, fresh fish. After that, crisp components like raw veggies, fried garlic, and furikake spice are added to the creamy fish. The poke bowl is served with heated short-grain rice and a handful of toasted sesame seeds. If you need to cater this renowned Hawaiian cuisine dish for your next conference, find a caterer.

Chicken and Waffles with Bubbles

When we first saw this meal, we were smitten. The fried chicken is paired with eggy Hong Kong-style bubble waffles. The waffle is chewy and soft. This dish is served at Hawaiian restaurants around the country, including in Los Angeles.

Hawaiian food may now be found practically anywhere, not only in Hawaii. This is some of the greatest Hawaiian cuisine available.

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