How to Store College and University Diplomas


How do you store your college and university diplomas? Many people frame their diplomas to remind themselves of their achievements and credentials. Others will choose to display their college and university diploma frames | Jostens in a photo book or shadowbox. Regardless of your reason, storing a diploma properly is an essential step to preserving your memories and credibility. The options are endless, but some of the most common are described below:


Customized frames

Whether you want to display your diploma in your office or on a shelf in your home, there are several ways to store your degree. A custom frame allows you to display your diploma with style and class colors. You can even include a picture on the diploma. The picture that is displayed on your diploma will determine what kind of frame you should use.

To store your diploma properly, choose a custom frame made of quality materials. A reputable company, such as Jostens, offers several different styles, so you can match your decor and personal tastes. If you don’t have time to create a custom frame, you can order one online. Be sure to choose one that has UV-protective glass. You can even make a digital copy of your diploma and send it to prospective employers.


Plastic sleeve

If you’re planning to keep your college or university diploma, you may need to purchase a plastic sleeve. While it is perfectly fine to keep your diploma in a dust protector while riding home on graduation day, it will fade quickly and may even stick to the acetate dust protector. Besides, a diploma is probably one of the most expensive credentials you will ever receive, and you will want to display it as proudly as possible.

While most diploma holders come with a sleeve, there are several advantages to customizing your diploma. For example, you can order a diploma frame with an engraved medallion, a tassel display, or a featured photo of your campus. The possibilities are endless. In addition to protecting your diploma, you can even customize it to match your home or office decor.



If you’re a graduate looking to preserve your degree, you can create a shadowbox to house your diplomas. You can either mount them on a wall or place them on a desk. The shadowbox style makes it easy to arrange different types of diplomas and certificates in the frame. You can also add interesting decorative elements to the shadowbox like a tassel or an old Moleskine notebook.

Custom-made frames are an excellent way to display diplomas. Make sure to use acid-free matting and packing materials. Matboard samples and specification sheets will tell you if the frame is made from conservation-quality materials. The frame’s width should be at least 2.25 inches. You can also use a mat board with narrow borders for modern office spaces. If you’d prefer a shadowbox without borders, consider placing your diploma inside an existing frame and adding a glass display on top of it.


Photo book

Many people choose to frame their diplomas for a number of reasons. They want to preserve the memories of their college years and build their credibility in the workplace. Others choose to display their diplomas in photo books or frames, which they can easily access and store. There are many different ways to display your diplomas, and the photo book format is an excellent choice for both.

First, make sure that your photos are in good quality. This is because if you choose the wrong quality, they will appear pixelated and out of focus when printed. Secondly, make sure you dust your diploma. Dust can cause the ink to fade over time. Finally, photo books offer the greatest degree of protection for your diplomas. The plastic cover and clean backing materials help protect them from wear and tear. Additionally, they enable viewers to view your diploma without touching it.

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