An Ultimate Guide to a Mouse bungee

Regardless you work or play games, untangling wires can be irritating. Over the keyboard wire, the mouse wire goes. Use the mouse with your computer and its wire will mix with others creating a mess that impacts your performance while playing games. Saying differently, unless you use a wireless mouse or other components, cable and wire untangling will continue to be a problem that affects every user. A time comes when this problem is normalized and no longer remains an issue. Users get used to it. What you know is that you just have to untangle wires for sure.


Moreover, you also know that you have to use your mouse through wires in order to move while using. To your surprise, you have a few good options that can give you a sigh of relief.

Yes, we are talking about a mouse bungee that jumps in to make your life easier. The primary role of this device is to secure your mouse wire. In other words, it ensures that you can move without any hassle associated with wires. Moreover, it also features a kind of design and shapes. These days, it is becoming popular among gamers and users. However, this device is not new in the market. In this article, you will everything you need to know about mouse bungee.

What is a Mouse Bungee?

A mouse bungee is a device that is used to handle mouse wire. It can be both basic like solid support that secures the mouse wire and it can super sophisticated.

Historical Background

Although today this device is gaining importance, it is not new in the market. They were quite a in use back in the 1990s. However, unable to sustain the test of the time, they lost their popularity. Nowadays, not only are they back in trend but they are also more sophisticated. Especially after 2010, they again came to market and since then are gaining notoriety among gamers. Gamers are involved in a lot of activities while playing intense games. Without lagging behind due to untangling of wires, they need to move fast. The bungee betters your gaming performance by avoiding such issues and improves your gaming performance. Due to this, it is again back in trend.

What a Mouse Bungee is Made of

Numerous materials can be used for a mouse bungee. However, plastic is the most common. A gaming mouse bungee is usually of higher quality standards. Companies use different materials such as metal, silicon, or plastic. In order to attract gamers, brands now employ futuristic designs and shapes. For example, they come with glowing lights to create a better effect.

The Functionality of Mouse Bungees

You can easily understand a mouse bungee setup. As a base, what you get is a large plate. By concentrating weight at the bottom, not only is it stable but it also prevents tipping. Moreover, a bungee is usually tall and features a crane-like design. It comes with a clamp that holds the table and its size differs in height varies between two to five inches on average. In order to have maximum efficiency, it goes right in front of the mouse. Lying at the front keeps the wire straight and does not affect the functionality of the mouse.

In addition to this, you can set the cable length as per your needs. Make sure the wire reaches the pad without being too long. By ensuring this, you can avoid unnecessary loops that result in annoyance and irritation. The rest of the mouse wire still lies on the table. However, it does not create a mess because it goes through the bungee. Both the parts of the wire are far from each, so they don’t get in the way and remain out of your sight. With this device on your table, you can avoid twisting and rotating the mouse, again and again, to eliminate loops and can optimize your functionality while playing games.

Equally important is to know that most devices come with a nonslip surface. When you place it on the desk, it is less likely that a mouse bungee with move along with the mouse. In addition to being quite heavy, the nonslip surface adds to its efficiency. Without it, it would be irritating to move around the top and cause discomfort. If you want to make your gaming easy, purchase mouse bungee.

Benefits of Using a Mouse Bungee

Following are some of the points that manifest advantages of a mouse bungee.

  • It helps create clean and efficient gaming or computer setup.
  • It also ensures consistency in your movement while playing games or using a computer.
  • Moreover, a mouse bungee makes wire dragging irrelevant.

Best Mouse Bungees

If you want to buy a mouse bungee to get rid of wire and cable entangling, you can choose one in the list given below.

1: Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2

2: Zowie BenQ Camade

3: Tt esports Galeru

4: Cougar Bunker

5: Generic Mouse Bungee

6: Xtrfy B1

Features of a Mouse Bungee

Extra features in a mouse bungee are more advantages. For example, having a few USB ports can be quite useful and handy. With them, you can charge your cell phone. On top of that, you can create a cleaner setup. Your keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals can go in the bungee depending on how many peripherals you have on the table.

What is more, coming with lights can create an attractive setup, especially for gamers. A gamer that is always greedy for something stylish will never say no to a mouse that has floating light, a nicely lit computer unit, and a bungee with extra shades. Lights on a mouse bungee do not affect functionality. Instead, they lighten the overall gaming experience which gamers like very much.


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