How to market your packaging expertise?

Life is a continuous learning process. Whatever job you deal in, it always has room for learning and getting new things.  Packaging nowadays has become a whole new department in the trade and economic activities of the countries. It is a whole new phenomenon because the outer looks of packages matter a lot now. Box manufacturers are in a race to introduce and market new and innovative box designs to make a mark in the packaging arena.

Different strategies are adopted by box manufacturers to market every new idea and design and to enhance their consumers. Here is a glimpse of those ways:

Marketing the box designs:

The boxes stock:

The boxes in use commonly are cardboard boxes, Kraft boxes, corrugated boxes, and rigid boxes. These all stocks have their strength and durability. For lighter stuff cardboard, Kraft, paperboard, and brown envelope material are used. For heavier things like electronics, wood decors, etc. Rigid and corrugated boxes come in handy. Now it depends a lot on the box manufacturers to provide the best quality material and a durable one. Some companies in an attempt to earn more and invest less, lose their quality but when you are providing the best quality, you will be remembered always and contacted again also.

The customization of boxes:

Companies tend to imprint their logos, slogans, name, and address on the boxes to market them. Such customization earns them fame. People get to know about them and this enhances their customership. The logo and slogan of any company matter a lot. If they are attractive, the social presence of the box will enhance. For example, there is a company TCS; its slogan is ‘we move you. This is the best-suited slogan by the nature of the services that TCS performs. This slogan is usually remembered by all and is quite attractive. Some companies add QR codes to further the race of innovations.

Digital marketing of the boxes:

The box manufacturers besides their physical marketing also do digital marketing. They make their company’s accounts on social media platforms and upload every new box design that they have made. They get their sponsorships and provide different offers to get more audiences. For example, a packaging industry says,’ Get your gift boxes for Christmas in every size and get Christmas cards for free with them’ quite an impressive way to attract visitors. Besides this, they put all the specifications of their boxes online for the consumers to see and decide whether they want the packaging or not. They also make ads like buy one get one free to sell boxes in retail. They provide special discounts on the wholesale purchase of the boxes. Hence, they leave no stone unturned to get their design and quality in the market. Companies also surpass one another by providing some innovative designs like one company is giving boxes with handles and another will start giving package stands and so on. In this way, box manufacturers compete with one another and provide the best that they can.

Innovative ideas

Custom printed boxes add value and pomp to the product packaging. Some new ideas and innovations in them have further enhanced the value of packaging and have made it a whole new industry in business processes. The trend of online shopping is continuously increasing in today’s world. The recent lockdowns and closures have made the people sit in their homes and get all their outside work done. All this has been made possible because of the e-commerce industry. And they are obliged by the cool packaging that these products have.

Innovations in packaging :

Some very cool idea to make your products look even more attractive is their outside packaging. Quality requires a look to be presentable to the audience.

  1. External packaging:

The external packaging comes under secondary packaging fact. The big box needs to be a haven for the small boxes inside. If a customer orders many things online and you have to send them all at once, you can use a big box to keep all the small boxes. Now placing is a big deal. You can put some soft cotton inside to fit the spaces between piled-up boxes inside the carton, you can also use some cloth or just some plastic blocks or partitions. The material of the carton has flutes in it, which are responsible to give the outer packaging some strength and durability. Such packaging earns the satisfaction of the customers also.

  1. Internal Packaging:

The internal packaging includes putting the boxes in laminations or plastic covers so that they are highly protected against heat or water or any other extreme weather conditions. Small pieces of grace paper can also be spread inside the box to give it a feeling of fullness. The inner layer of the box can be wavy or plain and it must be dry and protective to keep the things durable.

  1. Stickers and ribbons:

Ribbons are used on the outside of the box to give it an attractive look. Many brands like those of hair accessories often pack the box and put some ribbons on them to enhance their glow and shine.

Stickers of different shapes and colors are also put on the package when the receiver belongs to the younger class especially. The stickers may contain some customized design or wordings etc.

  1. Asking for reviews from the customers:

Another tactic to make the packaging even more attractive is placing review cards inside the packages. Some platforms however don’t allow this as their policy restrictions. Asking for reviews, on one hand, make the consumers vigilant and on the other hand help the brand to improve the quality of the products. It is sometimes to the sheer happiness of the consumers to give their opinions about brands’ performance.

  1. Use of reversible packaging:

One of the unique ways to enhance the brand’s name is to pack the products in reversible packaging. Once used, the box can be put inside out for use at another time in some other way. This is the beauty of cardboard material especially that it can be molded and re-shaped easily.




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