How to Draw a Cow Tutorial for Kids

Cows are one of the favorite farm animals of children. Often, children like going to farms and watching domesticated animals. Kids become familiar with cows from an early age by watching them on TV or seeing their images on flashcards. But they still need help learning how to draw a cow on a sheet. What would you do to teach them drawing? It is better to provide them with easy step-wise instructions so that they can illustrate every part of the cow’s body effortlessly on paper. 


Cows are herbivorous animals raised as livestock for meat and milk. Practicing and learning cow drawing for kids will help them upgrade their knowledge of this domesticated animal. Besides this, they can learn about their habitats, adaptation to weather conditions, eating habits, and other interesting facts through drawing. You can help little ones practice drawing by following the step-by-step instructions systematically. It would be great if you could conduct drawing activities for kids on the themes they like. And illustrating the cow on a sheet of paper is something that they would enjoy doing. 


What are the products you get from the milk produced by the cow? They are butter, cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, etc. Sometimes, kids might be eating the products produced by the cow, but they need to be more familiar with their origin. In such cases, you can teach them about the products and other characteristics that make cows different from other animals. Learning drawing will help children develop essential skills required for personal growth and development, such as problem-solving, decision-making, communication, concentration, creativity, visualization, imagination, and many more skills.

Step-wise Instructions on How to Draw a Cow 

The step-by-step instructions on how to draw a cow for kids are mentioned below. 

  • Step 1: Draw an oval shape on a sheet of paper for the cow’s body. 
  • Step 2: Draw a small circle with a line in the middle of the circle to divide the cow’s face and snout. 
  • Step 3: Draw two pairs of cylindrical-shaped structures below the cow’s body for the forelegs and hind legs. 
  • Step 4: Draw a pair of leaf-like structures on the left and right sides of the cow’s head for the ears. 
  • Step 5: Draw a pair of cone-shaped structures on the cow’s head for the horns. 
  • Step 6: Draw a pair of circles on the cow’s face for the eyes. 
  • Step 7: Draw a pair of tiny dots on the cow’s snout for the nostrils. 
  • Step 8: Draw a few circular patches of the cow’s body to give the appearance of the skin texture. 
  • Step 9: Draw an elongated loop on the tail region of the cow for the tail. 
  • Step 10: Draw a wavy line below the cow’s body for the udder. 

Tips for Learning How to Draw a Cow for Kids

Children must become familiar with farm animals and their importance in the ecosystem. Therefore, drawing a cow will help children understand their physical features. You must ensure that kids follow specific guidelines or tips that can help them draw a cow effortlessly on paper. Learning drawing for kids is an effective way to develop their creativity and imagination skills. However, you can check more benefits of learning how to draw a cow for kids below. 

  • Ask children to be patient while drawing the cow on a sheet of paper. 
  • Encourage children to practice drawing until they become proficient in them. 
  • Provide simple illustrations of the cow at the initial learning phase. 
  • Motivate children to express their ideas and thoughts while drawing. 
  • Encourage kids to ask questions about cows while drawing so that they acquire enough knowledge of the animal. 
  • Create a fun learning environment for children where they can sit comfortably and practice drawing. 
  • Encourage children to seek help if they find it challenging to draw certain features of the cow. 
  • Teach children to draw images using a sharp pencil to get the exact shape of the feature they are looking for.

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