As the owner of a cell phone repair shop or retail company, you know that expenditures lurk around every curve. And, while you may put some money in your pocket at the end of most months, you must keep an eye on every dollar. 

The article discusses the most common business expenditures that cell phone owners face. Controlling these expenditures increases the chances of your cell store surviving, thriving, and ultimately winning.

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Employee Wages

Employees are required in every physical and mortar-enterprise to cover their working hours, deliver services, and ring sales via the cash register. Mobile phone repair shops in Glen Burnie are the same. Employees are by far the most expensive running cost in most cellular businesses. Staffing will account for up to 16% of the total.

A store that opens 10 hours a day, seven days a week, requires a minimum of 112 total personnel hours. During peak periods, more personnel may be necessary. Multiply that value by 2.5 for cellphone repair shop businesses with a specialized repair professional.


Because most cell phone repair shops in Glen Burnie are physical and mortar establishments, rent will be your second highest expenditure. Rents will vary depending on several criteria, the most important of which is location. Are you in a big mall or a small kiosk? Do you occupy 1,000 square feet or a little booth? 

The answers to these questions will identify whether you are at the low or high end of the rent spectrum. A good location will bring clients to you, but it will be more expensive.


Supplies, phone and utility bills, office expenditures, accounting and payroll services, transportation expenses, delivery fees, and other charges are all common modest expenses that go unnoticed until the end of the year. These minor costs build up quickly, and you’ll need to save the receipts if you wish to claim them at tax time.

Cell Phone repair shops in Glen Burnie operators may cut costs using CellStore Software’s high-value service package, including point of sale, repair tracking, customer tracking, and other store management services.

Taxation / Insurance

Taxes and insurance are significant expenses for most cellphone repair shop operators. Fixed tax rates will apply depending on your country of business. Tax rates vary according to your taxable income and normally range from 11% to 40%. 

Use your numerous costs to keep your taxes as low as legally permissible.

In addition to business taxes, there may be employee payroll taxes, franchise taxes, and others, if relevant. Theft and vandalism are genuine issues, and while collecting compensation from insurance providers may be challenging, having a decent stable of insurance products may help to mitigate certain risks. 


Many cellphone repair shop owners need help finding the funds to spend on long-term advertising, so they choose minor one-time promotional activities. Most business owners will spend money on sponsored advertising.

These are all common advertising efforts: Upgraded classified ad promotions, Google Adwords, Yelp, and pamphlets and mailers. Many company owners are finding success by including advertising messages on bills and newsletters and collaborating with other local businesses to split advertising expenses by jointly marketing their services.


Yes, you are an expenditure, and the amount of money left over will fluctuate based on how successfully you handle the above mentioned expenses. You’re operating a business, and like most other retailers, you’ll have fixed and variable expenditures.


A cellphone repair shop owner with a $150,000 profit should expect to pay 65% to 75% of that profit on monthly running expenditures. If you are cost-effectively operating your business, paying your employees fairly, and keeping track of miscellaneous expenses, you will be positioned to make the most of your assets. It means choosing an effective location with high foot traffic, operating as tax efficiently as possible, and spending on advertising activities that make you money.

Contact A Reputable Cell Phone Service

With a reputable cell phone shop, you receive services that will help you manage your employees, help you minimize miscellaneous expenses, and collect your sales and tax-related activities. Cellphone stores provide the most value of any related service and offer systems that reduce daily operational stress. See which service is right for you and your cell phone repair shop in Glen Burnie.

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