Tips to build successful SEM Strategy

SEM Strategy

SEM Strategy 

SEO and SEM are the two pillars of digital marketing. Every professional digital marketer has to know the ins-and-outs of these two channels of digital marketing. While SEO is focused more on organic growth, SEM comes into the picture when companies want to find new customers on search engines.

SEM involves leveraging the reach of search engines to reach prospects which can be turned to leads and customers. Since Google is the dominant search engine in the market, every SEM strategy has to be geared around Google.

In this article, we will go through some tips for digital marketers to frame their SEM strategy.

Use Automatic Bidding

Marketers may promote automated services all the time, but they’re often paranoid about letting automation affect their own line of work. However, automatic CPC bidding is a proven tool to increase click-through rate and conversions. 

Automatic bidding can increase or decrease the bid a digital marketer makes depending on the possibility of conversion on a certain keyword. The possibility is estimated based on previous data accessible to the automated machine learning system. 

This tip can save a lot of time for a typical digital marketer. The automatic bid generally doesn’t exceed over 30% of the set amount, so there is no reason to worry about an overtly steep bid. Google also allows digital marketers to set a budget, which ensures that no bid exceeds the maximum amount of money an SEM strategy can afford. Automatic bidding is a safe bet, and an essential component to refine a given SEM strategy. 

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Go Local

Targeting local keywords is a great strategy and can end up paying immediate dividends as compared to global high competition keywords. 

Many young startups fail to understand the power of a localized strategy as compared to a global push. Capturing a local niche first is an affordable and relatively easier task which every small firm and startup should first target. 

Thus, a large part of solving the SEM strategy problem lies in identifying popular local keywords and targeting them. Being geared towards a local-first strategy shows a certain level of planning and pragmatism in a company, which are useful tools for any young startup. 

Going local is also a great option for a given SEO plan, although that is an entirely separate discussion. Its role in framing an SEM strategy is crucial.  

Mobile-Oriented SEM

There are a few changes when an SEM strategy shifts its focus from desktop to mobile. Firstly, longer titles and meta-descriptions don’t work because they don’t fit properly on a mobile screen. Furthermore, mobile-related options like a call-button or app-installation page tend to become factors as well.

Thus, digital marketers have to understand the unique changes to be made to an SEM strategy while talking about mobile instead of desktop. On mobile, the ad copy has to short and crisp. The landing page should be mobile-friendly as well, as users are no longer used to desktop versions on mobile screens.

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Use Negative Keywords to Save Money and Time

Negative keywords can end up eating a lot of time and money. Every SEM strategy has to incorporate research on negative keywords. 

Digital marketers often feel reluctant to include negative keywords as it’s an exclusionary measure. However, the end result of not adding negative keywords can prove costly. Many small startups have lost large parts of their marketing budgets on useless keywords which do not contribute to leads or sales. 

While adding negative keywords is a good practice, digital marketers should devote ample time to research. Putting in a wrong negative keyword which would otherwise bring leads and conversions can blindside a company to an entire source of customers. 

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