Stay Looking Your Best This Holiday Season With A Natural Hair Wig

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are looking forward to cooking up a storm in the kitchen for friends and family and have probably already selected some crowd-pleasing recipes. However, wig-wearers beware – heat and a steamy kitchen can make your synthetic wig look a lot less than festive, and it might not just be the turkey that gets baked this Thanksgiving!

Synthetic wigs don’t usually require a lot of maintenance, but they aren’t particularly good with heat. And, while you might already know that using heated styling products is a big no-nodue to the materials synthetic wigs are made of, you might not have realised that kitchen heat can scorch your wig, or even melt it.

How can a hot kitchen ruin your synthetic wig?

Standing over hot pots and boiling pans – as is customary over much of the festive period as you entertain and cook for your family and friends – can get you pretty hot and bothered, but it can do a lot worse to your synthetic wig. Blasts of hot air can even come from your dishwasher when you first open it and cause your wig to wilt, or at worst, burn.

But you shouldn’t have to forego your wig just because you plan to do some cooking, and with the following tips, you won’t have to:

  • Ask someone else to put the turkey in the oven (and take it out)

We’ve all experienced that hot blast of air from the oven when opened, that fogs up your glasses and takes your breath away. To prevent that from spoiling your beautifully styled wig, simply ask someone else to put things in the oven and take them out as required.

  • Keep at arm’s length from hot pots

Where possible, stand back as far as you can when checking on pots and pans, and try to avoid standing over anything that’s merrily steaming away on the stovetop.

  • Wrap your wig up

You might not feel comfortable wearing a headscarf or beanie while cooking, but it will help to protect your wig while you cook as you usually would.

  • Tie your hair back

Depending on the length of your wig, tie it back using a clip or hair tie to prevent the ends from getting accidentally singed.

Have you tried a human hair wig?

Oftentimes, human hair wigs are easier to cope with because they behave in the same way as our own hair, and while they may still be affected by the heat of a festive kitchen, they definitely won’t melt! They are a more expensive option, but it might be worth the investment if you want your festive kitchen to be filled with the aroma of a big, juicy turkey, instead of scorched hair!

By following the advice given above, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to spend time cooking and still have your synthetic wig look as good and fresh as it did when you styled it that morning. If you want to avoid the worry of a melting wig and emerge from a hot kitchen looking like you just stepped out of a salon, a natural, human real hair wig might be the safest and most reliable option.

Melissa Thompson

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